My First Love [Episode Three]

Written by Lovelife

On the wall clock it is exactly 8:59pm in the morning. Daddy, Mummy and I have already prepared our selves for the journey ahead, because Lafeunwa’s Estate is a bit far from ours. We have walked down to the main road to stop a Bike going to Araromi-ire street, Lafeunwa Estate. We will have Loved to go with our own personal Car but Dad still can’t afford one even if it’s an old model, likewise Mom. During this period civil servant were so poorly paid and their salaries and allowances is not regularly paid. My Dad work at Local Government as Auditor and my Mom work as a Teacher in one primary school in Agbaje Ibadan West Local Government, Ibadan Nigeria. Although we were only 5 children in the family but I am the only female child of the family so I am so much loved and cared for by everyone. Akeju, and Tokunbo were my elder brothers and Folakunmi and Biobaku were my junior ones.

At last we get a bike going to Lafeunwa Estate. We stopped two, Dad personally go with one, my Mom and I manage ourselves on the second Bike heading straight to Araromi-ire street. Now we keep approaching Lafeunwa’s main Villa. Little by little we were Approaching this massive building. As we keep going all I discovered was that the breeze of the environment is changing so cool and no much noise like our own street. So soon we get down by the gate knocking on it, the gatekeeper, a very hefty Man showing his face through a small hole made on the gate asking us who we were looking for and he later lets us in after hearing from us. As we entered first thing I took note of is the beautiful Landscaping of the building. It was so great to the extend I can’t really explain the look myself, how I wish you were there to see how beautiful it was. There is a swimming pool at the front of this building and a sitting-out by the left. Different flowers displaying series of beautiful colors surrounding the left and right of the building painted white. Immediately I had concluded within myself the category to which we belong as poor, considering what we were looking at. The gatekeeper pointed at the massive building telling us to knock at the Door that was made of purely Glass. At last Lafeunwa magnificent building here we are. Immediately we knocked on the Door a young Lady fair in complexion open the Door asking us to sit down waiting for her Dad, I already knew she is Junior’s elder sister.

Few minutes after where we were sitting in their main sitting room. We heard a sound from the Door Lafeunwa came in from one of the Rooms saying sir/ma I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting I heard you were looking for me. My Daddy quickly replied yes sir we are here to see you for an issue sir, the honorable Minister. Lafeunwa replied my Dad, am Honored sir can you please tell me now that am here the reason you are here? My Dad replied with lots of fears in him an sure, almost getting down on his kneels. Fikayomi is my only Daughter, your Son as impregnated her. Lafeunwa Replied furiously no it can’t be possible which of my sons ? which of my sons ? he asked again talking loudly. My Dad quickly replied, she said Bright Adedolapo Lafeunwa junior.

This can’t be true! He loudly replied my Dad calling on Junior and his mother as well. Come out here Junior call your mother along, come and testify to this unbelievable thing am hearing. Immediately they came out Junior was shocked to see me and my parent in their House. tell me how did it happen did you impregnated this girl? I don’t even know sir but I have something to do with her she is my girlfriend when we are still in school, I never knew she was pregnant until now I saw her with her parent, Junior replied his Father. You have spoilt my political careers and you have dent my image as a Minister how could you do such Lafeunwa furiously said… Don’t you know my position in this country ?… I don’t think this pregnancy can be retained it must be terminated. After saying this he silent for like a minute using is left hand to touch his head and said to my Dad, Mr! You can go and think about it when you get Home I am offering your and your family a cash of 20 Million Naira and I can even add more later to get rid of this pregnancy please.


Money can buy everything but money can never buy Real Love, don’t sell your feelings because you are poor. Because tomorrow it might be what you need to survive. Wealth don’t have a permanent place it can decide to visit you tomorrow stay calmed and wait for your time. Remember Where there is Love there is something much more than wealth. A Peace of mind you have is more better than a lots of wealth without peace.

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