10 Advantages of Learning More Skills Over a University First Class

10 Advantages of Learning More Skills Over a University First Class

10 Advantages of Learning More Skills Over a University First Class

It’s no longer a gain saying that learning more skills and engaging in entrepreneur activities nowadays is having a high level of advantage than bagging a university first class, simply because the world is now becoming a place where things are no longer done manually/analog, there is a need for us to know at least 1 or 2 entrepreneurship skills. In fact, learning digital can be of great value nowadays to be able to achieve some things than it’s usually done before. Before people don’t need to know anything on computer to be able to secure a job at any place of your choice but nowadays everything is done virtually on computer and if you don’t have little knowledge of computer you may not be able to secure a job, so why not trying to learn some digital skills?

Your first class can only come in form of a common/regular A4 paper but the skills and the knowledge you have acquired can make you the better version of yourself anywhere you find yourself and in whatever you find yourself doing. Your skills will give you all the creativity ideas you needed to survive, and that can actually bring profit to you even beyond your own expectation if you are good at what you do.

If you don’t learn at least a skill that can serve as a backup/backbone in addition to whatever certificate you have, to be successful for you might be very difficult because we are now in a world where things are changing daily and it’s based on our practical experiences and skills more than the certificate or the first class degree award. Most things nowadays can easily be acquired through skills and learning process than what it was before. We are in a computer age where everything is going from manual/analog to a digital world, a world where everyone will eventually need some digital skills to be able to fit into jobs.

The advantages of acquiring more skills and becoming entrepreneurs:

1. Need for practical experience:

Having skills and entrepreneurial experience allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world situations, offering practical experience that cannot be gained in a classroom setting.

2. Adaptability:

The job market is constantly changing, and having a variety of skills and entrepreneurial experience allows you to adapt to these changes and thrive in different industries or roles.

3. Creativity:

Entrepreneurs are required to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. This creativity can set you apart from others in a competitive job market.

4. Independence:

Skills and entrepreneurship teach you to be self-reliant and take initiative, qualities that are highly valued by employers and can lead to greater success in your career.

5. High earning potential:

Many successful entrepreneurs and skilled professionals earn more than those with a first-class degree, as they can leverage their abilities to create their own opportunities and financial success.

6. Job security:

Having a variety of skills and entrepreneurial experience makes you less reliant on traditional job opportunities, giving you more control over your career path and potentially greater job security.

7. Soft skills:

Skills and entrepreneurship often require strong communication, leadership, and problem-solving abilities, which are valued by employers and can help you succeed in a variety of roles.

8. Dynamism:

Skills always you to flow with the change in the environment. You can diversify your skills to compose yourself to any changes in your environment. Skill will not allow you to look one way when trying to do anything, you will have various ways of thinking when trying to solve a problem when you are trying to achieve things, using the easiest method that is convenient for you to do the job.

9. Freedom and limitations:

Having skills and becoming an entrepreneur can give you the freedom and the permission to do anything at anytime and to do it in a way you like to do it best. It will also give you the right and permission to reject some offer that you know it can not benefit you, unlike when you are being controlled by anyone to do it because you are under the boss. Skills make you a boss of yourself most cases.

10 limits to time:

There’s no limit or time frame of work. You Can start working at anytime and stop at anytime you feel it’s convenient for you since there’s no boss controlling you,

The usual age for retirement can 60 to 65. You can decide to keep doing your work even when you are up to the age of retirement no one will stop you.

In conclusion: you need to know that lots of people have being making it big today without having or acquiring a University degree certificate, talk more of banging first class.

There are lots of people who has been successful on social media or on the Internet today with just their digital skills. A good example are the thousands of skits makers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and more. Lots of people have achieve so many things with the little knowledge they have acquired from the skills they have learnt not their degrees. A lot of people are well known and wealthy with skills more than those who had use their lives to run after first class. Mind me, I don’t say university degree is useless but learn to acquire skills at the same time, it can help you in so many ways than the degree at times.

You need to learn how to use your time for something productive than seeking after a certificate that can be made useless when you don’t have the skills needed to do the job in our world of today.

In life you have to be learning not only academically but also other ways to be able to be successful in life. Your degree alone can not make you a man of your dream, learning and keep learning until you become that someone you hope to be.