15 Ways to Know if You Are Taking Your Partner For Granted in a Relationship

15 Ways to Know if You Are Taking Your Partner For Granted in a Relationship

15 Ways to Know if You Are Taking Him or Her For Granted in The Relationship
15 Ways to Know if You Are Taking Your Partner For Granted in a Relationship

Most people do not know when they are busy taking their partners for granted in their relationships because there’s no one to tell them or open their eyes to see things they are doing to their partners. Some even believe that they are Mr. Mrs. Perfect. They don’t even do mistakes at all because they are always doing the right things.

Below are some few things that we have analyzed that can help anyone who is in a relationship to know when taking their partners for granted.

You are taking his or her love for granted, when:

1. You keep on telling him, you are praying about his marriage proposal for months (going to a year or more). When in the actual fact you haven’t been praying at all. You are not allowing him to go, yet you won’t let him be yours. You give him false hope so as to wait for you to get a better choice.

2. You are engaged but still relate with opposite sex as if you are still searching. You spend long time on phone while he wait’s helplessly for you to be through with your numerous calls. Sometimes he complains about your attitude but you fire back at him saying that he is too jealous. How can he be silent when you are behaving as if you are doing him a favour by being in the relationship?

3. He has repeatedly told you that he want to meet your parents, but each time, you tell him that it’s not yet time. It’s not time really? Your acclaimed relationship is over 6 months or more! He doesn’t know any of your family member except your room mate in school. You need to know that a man that’s persistently telling you that he want you to introduce him to your parents is not a man to joke with. Why are you playing hide and seek with your parents? What is there that he shouldn’t know or see about your family? You felt there’s no need for him to know anything about your family.

4. You are too proud to admit that you are wrong or sorry. You belief that saying you are wrong and sorry makes you “cheap”. What a wrong ideology. Each time you offend him he ends up been the one to tell you that he is sorry. Stop playing God please, if he walk away it’s your cause.

5. You tell him sorry but your but said it reluctantly, and if sorry doesn’t stop you from repeating what you claim to be sorry for. You only say sorry so as to get another opportunity to hurt him again. You keep on saying sorry for what you wouldn’t stop doing. Your sorry is worthless.

6. You claim to be sorry but you end up adding more flames to the fire. Your sorry doesn’t put a stop from showing him attitude “I am sorry” is not enough. You will rather go on to defend yourself. “I am sorry, but you know that you are the one that caused it”. That’s wrong lady! If you must make any explanation let it be later. Not at the time you are saying that you are sorry.

7. You claim not to be seeing someone else but all your moves indicate otherwise. He gives you a call that he is coming to your place, you claim to be at home, on getting to your place he sees that you just lied to him. He waits for you in his car or hang around for hours but can’t still figure out where you are until he wanted to start going is when a car comes to drop you and you can’t still give him a reasonable explanation. This is a repeated trend, yet you accuse him of inferiority complex. You report him to people saying that he doesn’t trust you. How can he trust you when you keep on failing his integrity test?

8. You have not stopped doing what he tells you he doesn’t like. He complains a lot about them yet you won’t change, but accuse him of nagging. He tells you he doesn’t like you shouting at him in the presence of his friends. It seems you enjoy bursting his ego in public. You some times tell him to accept you the way you are or get someone else to marry. How can he accept you for who you are not? You were not born with the “gift” of lying. Neither were you born to have stinging toilet.

9. You always receive gifts from your male admirers. Each time he sees you with something new he can easily conclude that another admirers has “blessed” you again. You believe that there is nothing wrong with your acts. No, thank you…is a crime to you. Instead of buying things you need with your money, you will rather call on a “maga” to supply all your needs according to his fat account.

10. He sends you air time, but you can’t call him to thank him. You will rather “flash” him to call you back so that you can appreciate him. He does all the phone calls while you repeatedly claim not to have air time. When he sends you air time you waste it calling some other people. You claim to love who you hardly call.

11. You claim to love who you have no affection for. He tells you that he is feeling headache, but you cannot call later in the day to find out how he is doing, or even check on him. You have been too busy to place value on your relationship. Until he mentions the headache issue the next day you won’t say anything about it. When love lacks affection, care and concern, deceit is near by.

12. You are too busy to accompany him to social functions. You are always occupied with one thing or the other. No matter how much he tries to talk you into following him, you will never back down. Every Saturday you must rest (as if you are a truck pusher). Every Saturday you have a lot of house chores to do.

13. You are stubborn yet rejoice that you are strong willed. You are just using fine grammar to describe your antisocial skills. Once your mind is made up, even God cannot change it. You celebrate your stubbornness as if it is a treasure to desire. Stubborn wives don’t enjoy their marriage.

14. You don’t like taking his calls. Taking his calls is always at your own convenient times (you can only take it whenever you are very free). You can see his miss calls and never return the call, if he likes let him call back and if he doesn’t call back you won’t. You don’t even appreciate his calls or cares for you. Wishing him happy new month or new year with call or text is not what you can do, you always believe it’s his own duty to do all things for you and even surprise you on your birthday, anniversary and lots more your own good times and you can’t do that for him. You are so full of pride and ego that you believe that you won’t do anything for him expect if he does.

15. You didn’t respect his friends or relative. You stop him from having female friend but all your friends are males, and you don’t even care to go out with them anytime without informing him and he knows you will nag if he asked you where you are going to, so he may decide not to talk because he doesn’t want you nag at him and anytime he summons the courage to ask you where you are going to, you will definitely say it’s not his business to know where you are go to that you can handle it yourself because you are mature enough to take care of yourself.

All these are ways you can take people for granted, so if you are doing all these to your partner believe me you are taking him or her for granted.

Finally:  you need to know that all the points above is applicable to both genders. So don’t border saying “what about men?”

Stay save and make others around you safe too.