20 Ways To Act on a First Date

20 Ways To Act on a First Date

20 Ways To Act on a First Date
           20 Ways To Act on a First Date

Some asked me: How should I act on a first date that will give someone I’m going out on date with a good impression about me?

Here is the answer to your question:  

You need to know that the first impression will always last longer if not last forever. Whatsoever you do on the first date might definitely last long in the mind of someone you are going on a date with so for this small reason you need to put in your best behavior on the first date so that the person will be happy even starting from the point of setting eye on you.

Below are the likely things you need to do to win the heart of someone you are going on a date with.

1. Be punctual: Arrive on time or a few minutes early to show respect for your date’s time. Remember that punctuality is the soul of business. Start seeing the date has a business or job opportunity or appointment you don’t want to miss, so you need to know the use and management of time, doing that will shows that you value the date and have a good plan for it.

2. Dress appropriately: Make an effort to dress nicely and comfortably for the occasion. In fact, put on your best dress, you can even buy new cloth that will befit the occasion. Remember the saying, “Dress the way you want to be address” your dress sense will surely says lots of things about you to the person you are going on a date with even when you never say a word out, so endeavor to dress nice.

3. Be confident: Show self-assurance and be comfortable in your own skin. Self confidence is the key to anything you want to succeed in doing. If you are not confident enough to express yourself you may end up ruin the date, so talk boldly and don’t hesitate to ask when things is not clear to you. In this case, you don’t need to be shy at all, all you need is boldness to win.

4. Be attentive: Listen actively and show genuine interest in your date’s stories and opinions. Don’t be in haste to talk, you need to think wisely before you say a word and when you want to ask questions, ask smartly, wisely, and responsibly, and when you are asked too, don’t use that opportunity to crack unnecessary jokes when trying to answer important questions you are being asked. Doing that will only make you lose value.

5. Practice good hygiene: Take care of your grooming and make sure you smell fresh. Just wear nice perfume, brush well, shave where you need to shave in your body; beard, armpit and lots more. Endeavor to appear very neat to the point the person you are in a date with will cherish your nearness in the mind even if the person may not be too bold to say that out.

6. Be polite: Mind your manners and use polite language throughout the date. The use of your words count’s a lot when going on a first date with someone, you need to make sure you don’t use abusive words, use zero foul language, or cracking unnecessary jokes and you need to avoid talking too much.

7. Avoid distractions: Put away your phone and give your undivided attention to your date. If possible put your phone on silent and if it’s necessary to pick any call; make sure you take excuse from the person and make sure it’s granted before taking it, you don’t just need to start using phone or start receiving calls to cut your conversation that is already going on smoothly off. It will only show that you do not value the person you are in a date with.

8. Be positive: Keep the conversation light and avoid discussing negative or controversial topics. Avoid discussing topics that is not adding value to the date. It’s not the time to be discussing about football, politics, or all other unrelated topics. Let it be the moment you start trying to know the person more, discuss about the future and plans you have for the person and also make the person happy for coming around. It’s should be a joyful and remarkable moment for the person, you don’t have to make the person regret coming on a date with you in any ways.

9. Stay open-minded: Allow your date to express themselves freely and avoid judgment. Don’t start condemning their behavior, let there be some level of tolerance in the way you talk or address the person because if you start trying to prove the person wrong or start to argue on a first date, you will definitely discourage the person from getting close to you.

10. Be respectful: Treat your date with respect and avoid any rude or offensive behavior. Try respect your date in all ways, respect the person’s words and actions.

11. Be authentic: Be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Let your date know the real you, fake lifestyle and pretence will only attract fake people to your life, so if you want real person in your life, you too have to be real.

12. Show compassion: Be understanding and empathetic towards your date’s thoughts and feelings.

13. Avoid excessive drinking: Stay sober to maintain clarity and avoid any potential embarrassing situations.

14. Offer to pay: It’s a nice gesture to offer to pay for the date, but be respectful if your date wants to split the bill.

15. Use body language: Show interest through positive body language, such as maintaining eye contact and smiling.
16. Be playful: Light-hearted jokes and laughter can help create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

17. Avoid controversial topics: Stay away from sensitive subjects like politics or religion that could potentially create conflict.

18. Be a good listener: Give your date the opportunity to speak and share their thoughts and experiences.

19. Show appreciation: Express gratitude for the time spent together and any efforts made by your date.

20. Follow up: After the date, send a thoughtful message or call to express your enjoyment and interest in seeing them again.

With all these I have discussed above, it’s most likely that it won’t make you perfect after all but it will never let your date start having bad impression about you in the first date, and it may not totally allow’s you win the person’s heart but at least the impression won’t be bad at all.