6 Ways To identify Human Beings as One of The Things That Has a hidden Treasure

6 Ways To identify Human Beings as One of The Things That Has a hidden Treasure

6 Ways To identify Human Beings as One of  The Things That Has a hidden Treasure
6 Ways To identify Human Beings as One of The Things That Has a hidden Treasure

What is treasure? it’s a collection of valuable things; accumulated wealth; a stock of money, jewels, and anything you greatly valued.

Let me relate the topic to all of us as living beings or human beings. I will says that everyone in this world has different kinds of treasures embedded in them and all these treasures can either be visible or a hidden one, depending on some certain things attached to it which we shall be taking a good look at in this article.

Things that may likely cause human talent that I also referred to in this article as treasure to look as if it’s not visible:

1. It might be because it’s not yet your time to shine.

People are in haste to get things done even when they are not sure if it’s their time. Many people are so disturbed because they see others flourishing or getting better than they are, due to that they are very curious and depress at the same time because they are likely in competing with others. At times, this might not let them wish to continue running in their chosen path again and can also stop them from struggling to achieve their own goals.

If you are yet to glow, it doesn’t mean you are not serious or maybe you are a failure, it might be because it’s not yet your time to shine so just keep on struggling and keep on praying, when it’s your time definitely your star must shine if you believe and never give up.

Determination is the key to success but there is no time schedule for anyone to succeed in life, we are all doing all things with our faith because no one knows when it will be the pay day so you must keep struggling untill you win.

2. It might be some certain circumstances is preventing you from shining the light.

Circumstances can be anything, it maybe self cause or natural occurrence at times.

How can it be natural? It can be because of your background, people you also associate yourself with and the kind of information you are getting from them. There’s a simple solution to this type of thing, you should just decide to change your environment or leave your comfort zone and also change the type of information you are getting from people or things you are always listening to. Have a mentor as well.

How can it be self cause? You can decide to ruin yourself by not doing the right thing at the right time. It may also be pride that is making you feel like you are more better than others thereby Its start causing you to start living a isolated life. Maybe you have decide to separate yourself from the right people who can help you discover yourself. To tackle all these types of issues you must change your bad ideas and stop stupid mentality, if you can do that things will surely get better for you with time.

3. it can be because you are not putting the right things in place for yourself.

In life you have to learn how to fix yourself. know what to do and also know when to do it. Making hay while the sun shines, take advantage of all situations that is favourable to you while you have the chance to. No dull moment, always try to act fast and smart to every opportunity. Do everything with patience and do it right, also you need to be optimistic about your success.

4. it can be because you are not in the company or midst of those people that will push you to shine the light.

Let the people you will keep in your life be those that are always ready to make things better for you. Endeavor to associate yourself with the successful and people with great mindset but don’t envy them when their progress is looking like it’s greater than yours, Just keep on following the real process and give yourself some good times to grow up. Only quitters don’t win, you don’t have to give up until you start winning like others.

5. It might be because you’re trying to kill your own potential because of that of others.

I believe everybody has different treasure or let me call it talent. Some people will leave their own to start following others that are flourishing in their own careers because they love what they are doing. In life you need to discover yourself and not just to choose career because others has chosen them and it’s working for them. You need to know that it’s easy for them to be successful there because it’s what their fate designed for them. You might do the same thing and make no progress. You are to be sure of your own calling before you start going into any career battle with anyone. Wizkid, Devido, Burna boy and Rema are among the list of successful musicians from African soil but this doesn’t mean that every African man must be a musician. No, all Africans can’t be successful through music alone. You need to understand that there is so many areas too that you can be successful so you have to discover yourself and choose a career that will work for you not because of others.

6. it might be because of the set of friends you are keeping.

Friends can also contribute to your growth. You need to make sure all your friends are those who are mostly seeing things the way you’re seeing things, you must have lots of things in common as good friends. If you have bad friends you are likely to behave like them too because it’s show me your friends I will tell you who you are. Your friends are your first inspiration towards anything in life. A Tree can never make a forest and if it’s only one egg that’s  good in a crate, it means all the eggs are in the crate are bad so try to associate yourself with people with a common goals.

Stop looking for comfort zone. You need to know that you can never shine in a comfort zone because nothing good will ever comes from a comfort zone. If you are always looking for the comfort zone you can never shine. Sometimes life needs you to do things that will not please you to achieve some things. You need to stay ways from your comfort zone to achieve your targeted goal.

You need to know that when there’s no pressure, there’s no treasure.

Every things goes hand in hand in this life. If there is no pain, there is no gain. If up to this present moment as a man or a woman who is 18 and above you still can’t see the purpose for your life clearly, it means you are not living and if you want to live, change your set of friends change your mentality, and change those you are associating yourself with right now, meet new set of people you know they are already making waves in their own careers.

Meet someone who can actually discover you for yourself.

Change your environment. Act like you have disappeared for a while and make sure where you will appear should be a place you will learn how to be better for yourself.

You may live your whole life and your treasure may be hidden forever if you don’t discover it in time.

Stop believing that when it is time God will do it for you when you are not even making any good move for yourself. Sometimes you are to work and and pray before God will do it. If you have been praying to the Lord for it this year, next year try work harder in another way around. You need to use another method to try achieve your goal because it might be the way you are doing it that is making it look like your prayers and your efforts are not seen, don’t use same means to do same things for years, you need to be dynamic at some points.

Treasures can be hidden forever if it’s not quickly discovered.

Try to discover yourself and be it. I wrote something sometimes ago on how to become a champion. I wrote it like this: “champions are not born, they are all made.” If you want to become a champion, you must strive hard to get it, so go after it and make sure you achieve that thing you have being dreaming of for long.

The difference between treasure and pressure is PRES and TREA. If it’s still giving you pressure right now just keep trying, it’s still going to be a treasure for SURE so keep on trying untill you get it right and you can be called a winner.

The treasure of your life can be unhide at any age.

Achievement in life doesn’t have time, age, merits, and limits. You can achieve anything at anytime. It’s when you discover yourself you can start pushing forward. Continue digging deep to know more because you know there is always light after a tunnel. Always channel your mentality towards achieving something great.

Your treasure is still going to be hidden from you untill you start dreaming about it so this new year we are all looking forward to, let the light shine, go after anything that you believe is meant for you and leave your comfort zone to achieve your goal.