10 Ways to Manage Human Being as a Very Vital Resource to Personal Development.

10 Ways to Manage Human Being as a Very Vital Resource to Personal Development.

10 Ways to Manage Human Being as a Very Vital Resource to Personal Development.
10 Ways to Manage Human Being as a Very Vital Resource to Personal Development.

First of all, what can we refer to as resource?

Resource is something that one uses to achieve an objective, e.g. raw materials or personnel and it’s also referred to as something that can be used to help achieve an aim.

Do you know that no bird can fly without making use of feathers? That is the same way no one can survive without the help of others because you will at a time need people to help you out.

There’s nothing you will be able to achieve in this life when you think you don’t really need the help of others for it.

Having others’ support can make what you want to do, go faster than usual, easy to do, very reliable, and can create standards for it, and can stand a test of time.

Remember that standards can only be built by the numbers of supporters you are having when you are making it happen.

Now the main question is: how can you manage this resource called human being?

To manage human being is one of the hardest or the most difficult task you can ever think of because there’s nothing you can do to please human beings, but there are some cautions you can apply or there are some things you can actually avoid to make things look like you are pleasing them.

1. To manage human being you must learn to avoid a fruitless argument.

When your argument is pointless and it’s not adding anything to your pockets don’t do it. Only argue on things that will be of good benefit to your life and that of others. There is a saying that, “if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense at all.” For example: argument on politics, football, games, etc. If it’s not businesses or productive argument that can bring money at the end stop doing it.

2. Learn to tolerate people opinions

No man is an island. (you don’t know it all). You need to sometimes look into their own perspective about things that is happening too, but learn to make a quick U-turn when you are seeing some negative signs that this may not end the way you have planned it, and don’t be afraid to start all over again no matter the level you have attained.

3. Learn to be silent at times.

Learn to be silent when others are getting you wrong, it’s not that you are becoming a fool but you just want peace to reign. (Only a wise person makes use of silence in difficult and ugly situations). Learn to be silent when someone is trying to discourage you about something, learn to be silent when you are not getting the way out, learn to be silent when you are angry with someone, learn to be silent and lots more.
There are lots of things that need silence if you want to make peace with everyone always because when you keep on reacting you won’t have close friends because they will always neglect you believing you are not accommodating.

4. Learn how to appreciate.

Appreciation goes a long way into people’s heart. People will be very happy and willing to do more when they see that you’re appreciative. When you don’t appreciate them they may not be able to do more. Let people see that you are not an ingrate. Learn how to appreciate people even for their time spent.

5. Have a good rapport with everyone.

Learn how to attract people to yourself. Don’t be harsh or rude to them. When you are wrong, learn how to apologize easily and don’t be too arrogant to say sorry. Play with them often but know your boundaries and their boundaries too. Know when to talk and know when not to talk at all and also know the right words and the right moment to say the things you want to say. This is a process that needs constant learning all the days of your life, you have to keep learning this particular one because if you don’t have good relationship with people there’s no way they will want to stay in your life for long.

6. Communication is power.

Learn how to communicate with people. Learn the way you can address them that they will not be offended. Know how to give people surprise calls, surprise messages, surprise chat, even surprise gift at times. Know what to tell them that will make them always smile whenever they are around you and even when they are not with you.

7. Be straight forward person and a man of your words.

Be someone who will say yes and the yes will always remain yes. Learn to be accurate with time use and use of words, this is important when you want to manage people. Before your workers, partner, friends can stand for you anywhere, finding it easy to defend you in public. “Our boss can never do such” is not what someone can say for people they don’t really trust, saying such means that you have finally win their hearts and you haven’t for once break the trust they have for you.

8. Learn how to respect people and how to be loyal with them.

Be humble to a point that people will be commending you to your face that you are so respective and loyal. Respect people and be loyal to them even when you don’t need any help from them. Use respective words when addressing anyone mostly people you newly meet, don’t just start talking rudely because you felt you are older than the people you are addressing, you need to stop bragging to people as if you know it all, it’s good to always listen and reason well before you talk. Sometimes you just need to show some people that you have everything in power to fight back but you just choose peace because fighting back can never bring peace and progress so you are letting it go.

9. Understand the use of boundaries.

Have your own boundaries and don’t tamper with others boundaries too. What you don’t want people to do to you don’t ever try it with others because it will make people dislike your type of person if you are always doing that. If you want to attract people to yourself don’t cross others boundaries and don’t do things they will not appreciate in your own boundaries too.

10. Self Value.

Value yourself just the way you want people to value you. Nobody appreciate a cheap product in the market. Don’t come cheap to anyone. Let everyone you meet know your true worth, don’t bring yourself down because you want people to stay around you or you want to please them. They won’t still stay in your life because of that, instead they will believe you don’t have standards, great worth and value. It’s the way you present yourself to people that they will start seeing you with. Just as you want people to value you, value others that same way too, don’t bring others down because you want to be over hyped for being the best. It may not change anything rather it may turn things around for you by making it worst.

In conclusion: managing human being is what you and I should be learning more and more about everyday so don’t stop learning because life can never stop teaching day by day.