20 Things That Can Make a Woman Says she Can Not Date you.

20 Things That Can Make a Woman Says she Can Not Date you

20 Things That Can Make a Woman Says she Can Not Date you
20 Things That Can Make a Woman Says she Can Not Date you

You can be rejected by a woman who you are neutrally thinking that you are good enough to be accepted by her to start a relationship with you if you don’t know the right things to do that can convince her to say: “Yes! You are really good enough for me, now I’m ready to go into a relationship with you.”

Here are the 20 things that can actually make a woman say no! When you want a relationship from her. Read and master them all and kindly share if you agree:

1. She may not like your appearance: 

The first thing a woman look out for in a man is his appearance. She just want to see how you look before trying to hear anything from you. You need to know that before a woman can give you the chance to start talking to her or start a relationship with her, she must first like the way you appear. You must look good in a way that will convince her that you can be her right choice or her taste before she can think of giving you any attention or looking into what you have to say or offer her. It’s always good to dress good, wear nice cloth and perfume when you want to approach a woman, just make sure you look good to her taste if you want her to accept you start a relationship with you.

You need to know that your appearance might look like your manner to a woman at times, and of which it’s not always true but just make sure you do what will likely please her for her to be able to accept you.

2. She knows you don’t have something to offer:

Before a woman can desire to have you in her life, she must know you are having some things reasonable to offer in all ways: Financially, mentally, physically, spiritually and lots more. Most times, having something to offer matters a lot to some women who knows what they want is even more than your money because they can work by themselves to make money so they don’t really plan to depend on their men to survive. They may not be interested in men financial or economic offers, all they want majorly is good innovation and ideas. She is willing to love you more when she knows you are having something in your brain to offer her whenever she ask for it. No woman is looking for an empty man, you must have a better idea of what is going on around the world and be able to offer her all that you have gained in life. She needs you to give her all the intellectual support she needed all the times; doing that, she will definitely want you stay in her life forever.

When a woman knows that you can stand in as a mentor, also act as her father, friend, and as someone who put her through some of the things that are very difficult for her to handle, she will want to go for you.

3. She knows you don’t have good ambition, drive and passion to do anything:

If a woman sees that you are not driven or passionate about your goals and future, she may feel like there is a lack of compatibility in your values and aspirations.

Once a women realize you are not having any ambition or something that is driving you towards achieving something great in Life, you can’t be her choice, she will not want to be with you. All women want men that are up and doing, men who can strive hard to achieve some reasonable career goals. If you want a woman to love you, you must have something reasonable doing with your life.

4. She knows that you have a disrespectful behavior:  

If a woman feels disrespected or belittled by your words or actions, she may not want to go into a relationship with you.

Women will always want men who pamper them all the times, someone who respect them and their opinions, someone who always shows them that they are queens, someone valuable them like diamond, they always want to be a great and precious asset in their men life. If you can’t respect and care for a woman like that, don’t ever expect her to love you.

5. She knows you lack understanding and maturity:

As a man, you are suppose to have a better understanding of life than she is, this is the mentality of all of them and who can offer them that will always win their hearts because all they want is men who will understand and give them rest of mind even when they are wrong they correct them with love, and someone who is matured enough to control them at any point in time even when they start to misbehave.

6. She knows you are not honest with her: 

Trust is an essential component of any relationship, and if a woman catches you in a lie or feels like you are not being truthful, she may decide not to start a relationship with you.

If you want a woman to love you, learn to be honest with her in all ways. Give her room to be able to stand for you and trust you in all aways. Women don’t want to have anything to do with the people they can’t really trust.

7. She knows she is not your priority:

Nature of women is made of high level of jealousy so for this simple reason they don’t want to have anything to do with anything that can make them start competing with anybody in their relationships. Their believes is that whatever that belongs to them shouldn’t be shared by anyone else so making a woman feel like there’s someone better or making her feel you have other offers than her in your life can actually discourage her from wanting to start a relationship with you. She must always be seeing herself as your first priority before she can accept to be with you. If you want a woman in your life, make sure you also make it clear to her that she is your first priority.

8. She knows you cannot handle conflict or disagreement calmly and respectfully:

She knows you don’t know how to calm her down when she is raising her voices over an argument. If you are always the first to stop talking to her after a little argument or misunderstanding. She knows she is always the first say sorry or come back to you whenever you are having little understanding you are the first to ignore her over little thing that she is expecting you to be able to settle amicably as a man. When a woman don’t see you acting like a man whenever there’s argument or disagreement, she will definitely not want to start a relationship with you.

9. She knows you are not spiritually sound: 

A Lady might want someone who can stand for her spiritually and when she knows you are not always there for that, she many not want to start a relationship with you. If you want a kind of woman like that, the best is to reform your life first to the level of the spirituality she want or to her taste.

10. She knows your level of communication is very poor: 

You are always rude when addressing her or when you are talking to someone else. She knows you are use to too many foul languages whenever you’re talking to her and she has been correcting you over and over but there’s no changes in you. If you are not also knowing what to say and when to say it. As a man, you must know when to talk, when to be silent and the accurate time to respond to things too, this is one of the things that can make her say no to you when you are asking her out.

You also need to be able to effectively communicate and express your thoughts and feelings, a woman may feel frustrated and unfulfilled in the relationship if you lack good and effective communication skill.

11. She knows you lack emotional intelligence: 

If you are unable to understand and empathize with her emotions, she may feel disconnected and unvalued and may not want to start a relationship with you for this simple reason. You also need to learn how to read her thoughts, you need to learn how to know her through her emotions and feelings before she can be able to depend on you or feel like wanting to start a relationship with you.

12. She knows there’s no compatibility: 

If you have vastly different values, beliefs, or lifestyles, she may not see a future with you and choose not to pursue a relationship. There must be some things that you must have in common that she her self will be so sure of before she can accept to start a relationship with you. If a woman don’t see that you are compatible to some extent, she won’t want to start a relationship with you.

13. She knows you don’t put enough effort:

If she feels like you are not putting in the effort or time to make her feel special and appreciated, she may decide that you are not the right fit for her. You must show a woman how serious you are about the relationship you want her to start with you before she can decide to go for you. If she feels you are taking her for granted, she will never agree to start a relationship with you.

14. She knows there is no chemistry: 

Sometimes, despite everything else being in place, there may simply not be a spark or chemistry between the two of you, leading her to say she cannot start a relationship with you. She must feel that things are really going to work between you before she can accept you, her inner mind must be able to convince her to try you in her life before she can say yes let’s start a relationship now.

15. She knows that you are too possessive:

She knows that you will always want to be in control. You don’t usually give her the permission to do things in her own ways, no freedom to express herself or her feelings, you always force her do things under your control, no freedom at all for her. Women don’t want men who are possessive or deprive them putting them in an unnecessary pressure so stop the attitude if you want a woman to go for you.

16. She knows you don’t have respect for her boundaries: 

Women don’t want men who doesn’t respect their boundaries. You must give her the freedom and you must know your limits in her life. Always let her enjoy the independence of her boundaries if you want her to accept or start a relationship with you.

17: she knows you are having poor listening skills:

All women want men who can listen to them carefully and understand them every well. You must understand her worries and do everything to protect their interest if truly you want her stay with you. If you don’t have the good listen skill, to retain a woman in your life will be very difficult for you.

18. She knows you are always unwilling to show compassion and empathy:

You always act as if you don’t feel her pains. You always make her feel you are so perfect you don’t do mistakes like she has done. Sometimes, you don’t even try to encourage her, whatever she is going through does not really concern you. You Always find means to talk to her but you can’t read her mood to know what she is passing through. You always want to hear her speaks out, and it’s not like you are interested in getting to know what she feels. If you don’t even see her pains as part of yours even if you cares to know at times, and if your responses to her always add more to her pains, she won’t want to start a relationship with you.

As a man who want a woman, You must be able to read a woman feelings through her mood of talking and her attitude. If she knows you can’t do this thing, she can not accept to go in a relationship with you.

19: She knows you have too much of ego and pride: 

She knows that you are always fool of yourself. You don’t care about anyone or whatever others feel, you always make her feel you are the best for her and no one else can do better than you can do or have done and instead of pleading your way into her life, you are doing it arrogantly because you feel that you have all that she wanted in a man. Did you know you might actually have everything it takes and she can decide not to choice you because of your ego and pride?

Stop acting as if you are forcing yourself on her and she doesn’t have a choice than to accept you by force because you feel you are the best for her. Women don’t really like guys like that in their lives, this can make any woman say no to you over and over again.

20. She knows you can never apologize:

In the process of trying to get a woman, apology should be your best manner of approach to her all the times because all that she is excepting from you is your maximum loyalty and respect.

Sometimes, you will even have to apologize for the wrongs you have not even done. (LOL) If you are not ready to say sorry as many times as possible even when you know she is accusing you wrongly or right say sorry and explain to her later. If you can’t do that you may not be able to gain her heart for yourself.

In conclusion: To start a relationship can be made easy if you know the right manner of approach for it; It’s gentility, loyalty, calmness, respect, maximum love and care that can build a long lasting relationship. If you are arrogant, you can never save the heart of a woman for yourself expect she is just willing to take you for who you are. 

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