Things You Need To Understand About Your Partner That Will Enhance Stable Love In Your Relationship

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Understanding in relationships is one of the major reasons relationship will either tear apart or hold. Many people have been battling with this issue of understanding for long in their relationship/marriage. Some might even lose their relationship or get divorce in their marriage. Thought they love their selves truly but because they find it difficult to understand their partner they just have to walk away from the relationship. (little things commonly cause unnecessary argument, quarrel, misunderstanding and domestic violence if it’s marriage).

Sometimes the issues having might be minor issues but because there’s no perfect understanding or mutual understanding, the relationship will finds it very difficult to hold.

  • Understand when he/she is silent or when in a sad mood

Silence can mean mood swing. It’s appropriate to let him/her be until you see he/she is back to the normal or active mood. Don’t start asking of what he or she will eat or pestering him/her with questions. When you see a different mood from your partner, permit him/her to think at length, it’s normal if not all the time.

Sad mood, show concern by ask him/her a simple question. Hope nothing dear? if he/she didn’t answer don’t go further by asking more questions. Don’t force him/her to do anything if it’s not what they ask for or what he/she wish.

Don’t ask much questions when you know your partner is not in a good mood reserve your questions till he/she is happy. The best moment to ask questions should be moment your partner is very happy. You just show concern but don’t let your reactions add more to his/her problems. When you see he/she is active again, feel free to ask whatever happens to him/her again, he/she might tells you or don’t wish to tell you anything. Never mind, don’t force him/her to talk if not in the mood to say anything about it. Forcing your partner to talk is one of the reasons for unnecessary fighting or causes of argument in a relationship/marriage.

  • Understand when he/she is happy

Happy mood is actually the best mood everyone pray for in his/her relationship but most times the mood still lead to unnecessary misunderstanding if care is not taken. How can this happen? Most times your partner might be very happy but you are not in the same mood. He/she wish to play with you but you might be rejecting it because your are not in the mood. Don’t nag at him/her, just make him/her understand you are not in the mood in a very light mood (lower your voice) don’t shout.

Sometimes moods are different and on a rare occasions moods can be same. Tolerate your partner and try to force yourself to do some things just to make him/her happy. A good relationship is all about sacrifice and willingness to do and not expecting anything in return for what you did.

  • Understanding the hunger mood of your partner

Nearly all guys likes food and the moment they finds a lady who knows how to cook their favorites, they can do anything to retain her. Take sometimes to know when he is hungry and the kinds of food he likes eating. Take note of the time he loves eating it. For example; not everyone likes eating in the night or late night meal, so try to study the time he loves eating and do the cooking to the time.

understanding the hunger mood of your partner safes your relationship from unnecessary fighting and common argument as well. You can never do without argument even in a good relationships but it should be on relevant issues and it should be minimal.

  • Understand the ways of presentation of words

The way you present your words and addresses issues determines your relationship stability.

Did you observe his/her reactions to some of your words?

Did he/she likes it when you say some words?

Did he use to accept them from you?

Don’t just talk anyhow to your partner try to minimize your words to things your partner likes hearing and and always appreciate. That safes you from unnecessary argument in a relationship and increases the mood of happiness in the relationship as well.

  • Understand sexual activeness of your partner

It’s good for you to know when he/she want sex and the moment they don’t like doing it. The styles of sex he/she likes and what they don’t like about sex.

It’s good to know the weak point of your partner when you wish to make them sexually active. Touching him/her where the body will move is not a crime and make sure you do everything to satisfy him/her in bed, because sex also cause misunderstanding in relationships.

  • Understand your partners relationship with others

Understanding the kinds of friends your partner like moving with. Did he like visiting friends and spend some times with them? Is he a kind of guy that keep lots of ladies as friends? Or is she a kind of lady that keeps lots of guys as friends?

When you don’t understand the relationship with others of your partner, there will always be trust issues in the relationship/marriage. Understand what he can do and things he can not try to do. (don’t get it twisted having lots of friends that are opposite sex don’t make you a womanizer as a guy. Just know what you want in a woman and go for it, if you finds it do everything to hold it tight). Be loyal to the one you love it’s one of the best gifts of true love.

In conclusion

Don’t date or marry who you don’t understand. This is like going to a war without preparing yourself well for it.

I believe understanding is the mother of good relationships. A relationship that lacks understanding lacks everything.

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