Tips For Happy, Long Lasting And Strong Relationships

Written by Lovelife

When we find ourselves in relationships, most of us didn’t know things to do to keep our relationships. Below are few tips to keep our relationships strong and last long. Read and share.

For Ladies:

  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Don’t put all your feelings to display, hide some so that he will value you.
  • Be a bit secretive toward telling friends about your relationship.
  • Admires what you have than what is not yours.
  • Listen don’t act fast when you hear anything negative about him. Ask him or find out before you start acting.
  • Be prayerful in a relationship you are into, because a good relationship needs more of prayers.
  • Don’t be too demanding.
  • Have focus and self-esteem as a good lady.
  • Stay away from ego and pride.
  • Trust and love your relationship.
  • Train him to dress good to your own taste not like others.
  • Avoid cheating on him.
  • Do everything to support him in anything he is aiming to achieve.
  • Follow his instructions and take to his advice.
  • Always appreciate him anytime he do anything good for you.
  • Give the little you have to support the relationship financially, don’t say you wouldn’t do anything because you are a lady he is to provide for your needs. “a good relationship is give and take”.

For Guys:

  • Don’t treat your woman like a slave, respect, trust her, and love her like your own eye, or better still treat her like an egg. If you can do all that for her, She will never misbehave or disrespect you.
  • know your rights, by providing at list 60% of all her needs. its not necessary she ask from you before you give what you have. Please don’t do more than your own ability and let her understand it’s that you have.
  • Don’t be too inquisitive to know everything you see her doing, sometimes you need to pretend like you don’t see anything she is doing.
  • Loving your woman like no other woman. It’s important for your relationship to keep moving forward, or let me say it’s your first priority.
  • Encourage your woman even when she is not capable, or fit into what she wanted to do. Always encourage her to be strong for any challenges she might face. “Doing this will let her love you more and have trust and confidence in your love”.
  • Don’t condemn anything she does, correct her with love not nagging at her.
  • Be sincere with her. Always open up your mind to her. Let her understand everything she needs to know about you. When a lady didn’t understand you she will surely cheat on you, because she didn’t know what you also have in mind for her. So always express your real feelings to her.

Always remember that friendship in a relationships makes relationship last or lead to marriage. Please don’t stop making friends with one another, play like friends, discuss like friends and walk together freely like close friends.

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