20 Keys to climb the ladder of greatness:

Written by Lovelife

1. Learn to have a balance sheet of your life for accountability.

2. Accountability simply means having an extra set of eyes which gives a check and a watch over your activities. ie it helps to prevent you from failing.

3. To ensure proper accountability of your life, learn to be truthful to anyone you trust. Share your strength, weakness and fear.(Proverb 11:14).

4. Learn to listen to your parents. They are your second god. God can use them to save your destiny.

5. Learn to be careful and fearful with anyone whose no one can change their decision. Humbleness is virtue.

6. Never implement any decision without confirmation and endorsement from God.

7. Learn to listen to your mind.

8. Learn to be unlimited in knowledge.

9. Learn to be confidential by keeping secret. Always be a personality that someone can entrust and confide secret to.

10. Guard you discretion with integrity.

11. Always be at alert. Sometimes most temptation comes so quick that you only have few moment to react to resist.

12. Never trade God’s blessing for a moment of pleasure.

13. Always remember that the Bible have about 99% ability of giving you whatever you want in life. The Bible will tell you how to live, how God loves you and how you can interact with others.

14. Learn to read your Bible daily, even if it one verse. ie Cultivate the habit of reading your Bible daily at least to know what God says about you.

15. Always remind yourself who you want to be in life daily.

16. Learn to predefine who you want to be both in the short and the long run.

17.Always remember that in the means of trial and error lies your purpose.

18. Learn to use your talent to accomplish purpose.

19.Always remember that making the right choice the wrong way is still another way of making wrong choice.

20. Never forget that the way you do things most times is much important than what you actually did. The Bible is much more concerned on the how and less on the what.

Always remember that you become a slave to whatever you choose to obey.(Roman 6:16).

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