My First Love [ Episode Eleven ]

Written by Lovelife

The changes in environment has really affected me a lot… The atmospheric condition looks so different, it’s cold and cloudy everywhere. So this as cause me to keep wearing woolly pullover every time. I can’t stop missing home because I don’t know anywhere or have friends. All my movement, it’s from my lodge to the hospital.

The Hospital management assigned a Doctor to look after me, his Name is Doctor Shola. It was so amazing to see a Nigerian guy who is a doctor in England. He was very friendly, calm and always there to know how I am feeling always. His cares for me makes me feel better always, with him around, I miss home a little, some times we gist about Nigeria and he told me little of his background story and how he became a doctor in England. He was from ijebu, Ogun state. Nigeria. His parents are still in Nigeria. They sent him to England to study and after his studies, he got a job and became a doctor there in England as he told me. So I narrated my own story to him too. He was so touched with my story and promise to do everything for me to deliver the baby without having issues. He is a very young doctor of about 25 years old. “Very young and smart”.

Few months later I delivered my baby, here comes my new born baby. I am so happy to deliver a baby boy. Doctor Shola did a lot for me has he promised, safely I delivered without having issues with his aid despite I am too young and it’s my first time. So I called to tell everyone at home, I’m sure everyone in Lafeunwa’s family and my parents too they are so delighted. Lafeunwa’s family are so happy to see their son comes back to life through me. They are so happy when they heard the news.

I was told to book the next available flight back to Nigeria to come and celebrate his naming ceremony in Nigeria and for it to be celebrated in a grand style. I am so happy to hear of coming home again because I have missed them all. With the help of doctor Shola. I am fixed into the next available flight back to Nigeria the next day. Though I gave him my words that I am still coming back to England to further my education he was so happy to hear that.
Doctor Shola gave lots of gift to my baby and wish me well on my journey back to Nigeria.

That is how I fly back to Nigeria the next day.

What happened next? Read more tomorrow

Moral lesson
Be good to your self and be good to others you don’t know who will help your own destiny tomorrow so be kind, Give and never expect anything in return.

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