My First Love [ Episode Ten ]

Written by Lovelife

Dad and Mom as agreed to set up their new business. They planned to set up the kind of business that wouldn’t really affect their civil service work, so that they can still due for their regular salaries from the Government monthly. Dad plan to build filling station on his land which he bought close to the main road some years ago. I think he also wanted to use some part’s of the land to build a shopping mall for Mom on the same land. Because it’s big enough for the two new proposed buildings. “it’s 10 and half plots of land”. Well, He never thought of making use of the land this early but I thought he wanted to reserve it for the future use, but when opportunity comes around, it’s good to make good use of it.

Our story started changing gradually, honorable Lafeunwa who has promised to take me abroad to deliver my precious lucky baby. Never let me even witness some new developments in our family… Just to see the new filling station and the shopping mall construction. He just came a week after to pack everything that belongs to me to his house.

Lafeunwa’s villa here I come again. Well I have this fear I will be maltreated by Lafeunwa’s wives, the step mothers of Adedolapo. It was just a surprise that the story was entirely different from what I am thinking. I couldn’t even explain the kind of cares they are giving me. Everyone showed me love as if it was junior himself….. How I wish he is there with me and see the way his people pampered me with lots of love. Well sometimes I cried in silence but I never let it get over me. I always try to be strong even the encouragement and cares I got from his family don’t even let it weight me down.

So this is how everything’s continues for good 3 months that I am in honorable Lafeunwa’s house. They don’t even let me miss my home for once. I am even feeling like not going to England again to deliver my baby because the kind of hospitality I enjoy with the family was great and I wish it could always be like that for ever. So after staying there for good 3 months. My travelling documents has been processed and ready for the journey to England to deliver the baby and probably start my education after delivery. I was told my flight will be taking off in the next weekend. So due to this I sometimes dreamt of England and some things I will see in the airport and inside the Aeroplane in the dream. Most time I try to share my funny dreams with the family and we laugh it off together.

At last, the deal day comes. It’s exactly 8:30am I have quickly get my self ready for the Journey ahead of me, because am so anxious to be inside the plane, well the flight is 10am prompt. I don’t want to miss the fight because it’s my first time to fly and for the first time I will travel outside my country. I’m so elated. Let me be frank, a night before the morning I’m traveling. I couldn’t sleep because many things I keep imagining…. Everyone too is set to walk me to the airport that morning. With pecking and hugging everyone leave and I faced my journey to England.



The best gift anyone can give you is love. It let you forget your past pains easily. Show Love to someone and never hurt anyone because tomorrow you might need them to survive.

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