Mature way of being in a relationship

Written by Lovelife

1. Be Patient With Your Partner: Avoid forcing your lover to do something against his or her wish. Let everything happen in the right time. There is no need to rush.

2. Be An Understanding Partner: Try to believe what your lover tells you, if he tells you that he failed to get airtime to call you, try to understand. He’s also a human being like you. If she tells you that by the time you called her, she was asleep please try to understand. She also gets tired and she needs to rest like any other person.

3. Always Forgive And Forget: Avoid bringing back the old things your lover did to you in the past every time you get a quarrel.

4. Be Caring: I don’t mean you should go and borrow money from the bank and friends to buy costly things for your partner or taking him or her to expensive hotels. I mean doing the little things that suits your wallet. Trust me if your lover is understanding he/she will appreciate and love you that way.

5. Maintain The Communication With Your Partner: Try keeping in touch with your partner, call or text him or her At least once in a day. Don’t allow your lover to start missing you. Be closer in any possible way.

6. Be Faithful And Trustworthy To Your Partner: I know you may be far away from your partner. Sometimes, you may
start doubting him or her, and you start thinking that maybe he or she is cheating on you. and because of that, you also start flirting and sleeping around with different people which isn’t good at all. Fight those false thoughts so that they don’t take you off track. If you really love him or her, Trust in your partner and be faithful.

7. Avoid Listening To Rumors: these rumors are spread by jobless people. They keep gathering false information and then they spread it to you. Majority of them have intentions which aren’t good. Some are even interested in your lover, they admire the way he/she cares and loves you. So give them a deaf ear

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