Ways to Know a Pretender in a Relationship

Ways to Know a Pretender in a Relationship

You need to know that Pretenders do not only tell lies, but they also embody them. They might say they are rational, but act erratically and instinctively. They do not display competence but talk about it all the time. They might demand loyalty while cheating.

Here are the ways to know pretenders.

1. Inconsistency: Their opinions, feelings, and behaviors change frequently, often leaving you feeling confused.

2. Lack of commitment: They seem hesitant or unwilling to make any long-term plans with you.

3. Disrespectful behavior: They don’t value your opinions, feelings, or boundaries and dismiss them as irrelevant.

4. Selfishness: They only care about their needs and desires and don’t consider how their actions might affect you.

5. Shallow interest: They focus on superficial aspects of your personality or appearance rather than your deeper qualities.

6. Poor communication: They avoid discussing deep topics or expressing their emotions openly, making it difficult for you to connect with them.

7. Secretive behavior: They hide important details about their life or their relationship with you, which leaves you feeling uneasy.

8. Negativity: They often complain, criticize, or belittle others, and you feel like you can’t meet their high standards.

9. Cheating: They engage in flirtatious or sexual behavior with others behind your back, which destroys trust and respect in the relationship.

10. Lack of accountability: They don’t take responsibility for their actions or apologize when they’ve hurt you. They shift blame onto others or make excuses for their behavior.

11. Easy to give up: A pretender will give up if it’s taking too long or not  too easy to do.

12. Pretenders can overdo: they overdo at times to show you they really want you. They do more than what others can neutrally do for you. They trying perfect, even at times they can do things you will find it hard to believe they can do it but if you are very patience with them you will know they are likey over doing some things because they will always want to show that they are the best for you. When they want to celebrate you they will celebrate you beyond other people give. They can give you what you know it’s not convenient for them to give. They will always want to impress you before others.

13. Insecurity: they might not trust some of the things you do. Asking if you are sure of what you are saying. Tell you, ‘is that true’.

14. Sensitive to everything: they are very sensitive to everything that is going.

15. They are very inquisitive: they will want to know everything that you are do or that is happening to you.

20 Ways to know a pretender in a relationship

1. They always make excuses when it comes to meeting your friends or family.

2. They have a history of ghosting people in the past.

3. They try to change things about you that they claim don’t fit their ideal partner.

4. They are always vague when it comes to discussing future plans with you.

5. They talk about their exes and past relationships a lot.

6. They don’t prioritize your feelings and needs in the relationship.

7. They are overly critical and judgmental of you.

8. They avoid answering direct questions about themselves.

9. They refuse to have vulnerable conversations with you.

10. They are inconsistent with their affection towards you.

11. They often strike up conversations with other people when you’re out together.

12. They only want to hang out when they’re the ones making the plans.

13. They rely on social media to communicate with you instead of in-person communication.

14. They flirt with other people in front of you.

15. They don’t put in the effort to make the relationship work.

16. They are openly flirtatious with other people.

17. They are always blaming others for their problems.

18. They don’t want to acknowledge any issues in the relationship.

19. They don’t show any signs of compromise or understanding.

20. They always have an excuse for why they can’t commit to a serious relationship with you.

With this few things you can know who is a pretender in relationship.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too