Do I Really Need To See A Pastor Before I Choose A Life Partner

Do I Really Need To See A Pastor Before I Choose A Life Partner

Do I Really Need To See A Pastor Before I Choose A Life Partner
Do I Really Need To See A Pastor Before I Choose A Life Partner

I have to share this with you all. Well, I knew this won’t change anything for those who already planned their lives and some that has the strong believe in things or what their spiritual father or prophet says about marriage.

If their pastors didn’t instruct them to try new things they won’t or if they don’t tell them It’s normal and a right thing to do. (those who can’t stand their own ground).

I am here to tell you this below either you will agree or disagree it’s left for you to decide:

Going to a pastor, prophets, Islamic clerics, traditionalist, whosoever that is calling his/her self a man of God or any form of spiritual leaders to help you check who is your future wife/husband or confirm if someone is good as wife/husband is the one of the best wrongs you can do to your life.

Sometimes ago many have miss it through this act but you reading this don’t have to do the same mistake.

When you already have a perfect, reasonable, in a smooth and serious relationship. If you don’t know before know it now: anything God will never support can not start smooth! God wanted it to happen that is why things are going well with both of you in your relationship. remember God said in the book of, Proverbs 18:22 New King James Version (NKJV) “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord”.

Do you know?

  • Some have been told that they won’t last in their relationship and they last and even spent their whole lives together in peace and harmony.
  • Some have been told that they will always fight but they live their lives in peace and true love to one another.
  • Some have been told that they will die poor but they are living elegant and very luxurious lives now.

“Believe.” in this life is very strong and powerful tool to set you free, and you also need to know that believe is one of the main reason prayers are answered. (Life is based on believe).

If you pray and you do not believe in your prayers that it will be answered by God you only wasted your energy and your time on the prayers because it will not be answered.

Let’s go into what happened in the scripture.

Hezekiah have been told to prepare his mind that he will soon die of his sickness but he prayed against it and he didn’t die because 15 more years was added to his years to use. (Isaiah 28:1-5)

Pray and fast on your own is better most times than meeting anyone to help with it, not even your prophet or anyone else. If God can answer him/her, he can also answer you and most times God may not speak through them, they may just use their own predictions for you.

You should believe that no one sees you better than yourself and once you believe in yourself you are better in everything you lay hands on in life. You will stop being coward to what can make your life better.

Your Destiny works base on your believe in case you do not know.

I am not against going to a pastor, prophet, Iman or any spiritual fathers for prayers. It’s a normal thing to do for those that wish but you don’t need to table some of your issues that can mislead your future. Sometimes you only need silent meditation with God in the secret corner of your room. You just need to tell it to God in your silent prayers and God the almighty will answer to your cries openly. He knows why he created you and he want you to table all your problems before him not any man like you who is also looking up to God. Do this and he shall surely give you rest.

I don’t know maybe you have found it in the scripture but for me I haven’t seen where it was written in the Bible to write names to a pastor/prophet to help you check the future of some among all that will be good as future husband/wife (modernization keeps killing most of our Christianity nowadays) But all I knew of and I’m sure about is to ensure that you always commit everything you do and lay hands on God and surely he will lead you right. It’s not until you discuss with your pastor/prophet or any other person.

You also need to know that true love takes pain. All your journeys can not always be smooth. Sometimes it will be rough and sometimes it will be smooth learn to endure it no matter what.

Real Love Take Pain

Stay blessed in your new decisions and  future plans as you share this with someone if you agree with me

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.