These Are The 15 Things He Or She Would Always Do If Truly Loves You.

These Are The 15 Things He Or She Would Always Do If Truly Loves You.

Since some of us are still looking for signs of love in that relationship, let’s break this down and look at some of the signs that love truly reigns in your relationship.

If he/she loves you:

1. They would put efforts to remember the dates and moments that are important to you.

2. They are open to considering and respecting your opinions without putting you down.

3. They would encourage you to be a better version of yourself in even small ways.

4. They would miss you whenever you are not around.

5. They are confident about showing you off and introducing you to their family and friends because you are important to them.

6. Sometimes they would feel jealous when you spend so much time with friends of the opposite sex. But if they love you and trust you, they would understand that there’s nothing more to that association.

7. You would often hear them talk about future plans that includes you, a home together, marriage, achieving goals together, etc

8. They would check on you regularly especially when you are on a trip to ensure you arrive safely.

9. They would speak proudly of you to whoever cares to listen and are proud of whatever you have achieved no matter how little or small it is.

10. They patiently sit and listens to you when you need to talk with all their attention focused on you.

11. They are always willing to help and support you because they love you. Except in cases where it’s beyond their control.

12. They are always open to discuss their strengths, weaknesses, struggles, fears, joys, achievements, etc with you.

13. Most times if they are sad or upset, they would be willing to see you to calm their anger. Except in cases where you are responsible for their state of mind.

14. They would not be able to stay angry at you for too long when you offend them because they love you.

15. They are quite protective for you and would not want you to be in harms way.