8 Factors That Will Determine Our Financial Growth In Life.

8 Factors That Will Determine Our Financial Growth In Life.
8 Factors That Will Determine Our Financial Growth In Life.

Human being has different kinds of growth, that is: development in various areas of life. We have physical growth, psychologal growth, spiritual growth, Mental growth, financial growth, etc. Among all these various kinds of growths we shall be taking a good look at the “financial growth” of all human beings.

Locke’s philosophy gave a theory that human mind is a tabula rasa at birth, the (human) mind is a “blank slate” without rules for processing data, and that data is added and rules for processing are formed solely by one’s sensory experiences. Tabula rasa is the idea of individuals being born empty of any built-in mental content, so that all knowledge comes from later perceptions or sensory experiences. So in this view we keep growing with the standards and level of informations, messages, environment, kind of our associations and things we see.

Human beings has different kinds of growth’s, physical growth is natural but financial growth will solely depends on so many things and it is what we shall all be taking a good look at in this article which can help you and I grow fast financially.

“Some factors that can determine our financial growth.”

1. Background.

Our Background’s are different, some of us came from a very wealthy background and some of us our family are extremely poor. This may have a very great impact in our lives and our financial growth. Quote my word “may have” it is not certain, Bill Gate once said that: coming from a poor Background doesn’t make you poor. “If You Born Poor, It is not your mistake, but if you die poor, it is your mistake.” you need to know that you can be the one to change your family story.

2. environment.

Your immediate environment, that is: where you stay can also have strong impact on your life, take for example: Someone who came from a village with no school, no good road, no social amenities that can help him/her grow mentally, no internet, no smartphone network, no access to good information about things that is happening around the world. People in such area might find it very difficult to achieve some things through education and more. such people to develop fast like they wish compared to the people who has everything they want around them will be very difficult except they see what can take them from that environment or bring those things they need for them to achieve their goals to them…. so at times you will need to change your environment if you want to achieve some things, to be able to get easy access to things that can facilitate your financial and career growth and at times we also need to study our environment to know the kind of things we will venture into, choosing career should depend on the needs of the people around us. Some businesses may not move in some areas due to the fact that the people around there can survive without making use of those things you are selling or giving to them while in some areas they can’t do without having your products around.

Choose your career base on the need of your immediate environment or the place you’re planning to stay. Go to the environment that will be favorable and lucrative for your choosen career.

3. Association.

The kinds of friends you keep, the kinds of people you mingle with or associate with can have great impact on your life and your financial growth. You can not know everything in this world at a time, sometimes someone have to teach you some things you do not know, having people that can help around is always good to help your career grow. Sometimes you need family and friends to advise you, putting you through some difficult things they knew or have pass through that you may not know that will help your choosen career. Doing a business you don’t have any experience or doing it when you don’t have someone that can share his/her experiences with you might make it very difficult for you to achieve it. So you need to gather informations and experiences from friends and family that can help your grow financially even though you can’t do without facing some challenges along side but it will be minimal. You will face challenges but how to overcome them might be made easy because you might have been told before its happens.

You also need to do researches on your own, take lectures from people that has pass through things you are about doing, you might not achieve same results with what they have achieved but at least you won’t stop halfway when doing yours. You will be able to overcome some challenges and you won’t like to give up because you choose a mentor to guide your footsteps towards achieving your goals. Having a mentor doesn’t mean you will achieve same result with him/her or do what he/she has done, No! You are just to use him/her as a watchword to guide yourself when you are about giving up on your own career.

4. Information.

Information is power. Information is a very powerful tools to achieve anything in life. The kind of information you give and the kind of information you receive will determine your level of successes.. if you are getting good informations you will keep getting it right and if you are giving good information also you will be gaining good people around you. You will be attracted to people that matters to your life, people that will be willing to help do a lot of good things in your life, people of great values will want to stay around you because of the good informations they are gaining from you, why? Because people cherish valuables and not noise or irrelevant things.

In everything you do, if you want to grow, always make sure you are giving the best of best to everything you are doing, give everything it takes to it. Take to corrections but before you take the correction be sure it is the one that won’t mislead you.

5. Partnership.

Partnership varies. We have business partner, we have matrimonial partner (your wife/husband).

These two types of partners can ruin your life or uplift you. As a career person, if you don’t have a supportive partner, someone who understand’s your career more than you do, you may not achieve it because any time you want to take risk or new step he/she will be the one to discourage you and if you don’t have a good business partner also and co workers, to achieve your goal in life may not be easy for you as you think so you need to choose your life partner and business partners wisely to get your goal. If you choose wrongly to get your goal will be difficult and it can end up being just a common dream and it will never become reality..

People in your life matter’s a lot to your life so choose who is willing to die with you no matter what.

6. Effort.

Commitment, determination, enthusiasm, perseverance, etc. All these matters when you are running the race of success. You need to know where you are starting from and where you are heading to, be so determined towards achieving any thing you dream of in your mind, stay focus and let nothing discourage or make you feel depress, be always courageous, optimistic, and not pessimistic. If the worst come the worst never mind even if it will take you to start your dream all over again. Starting all over again doesn’t make you a failure, the only person who is a failure is someone who stop’s trying.

Every successful people out there has some bitter stories to tell you. Nothing good comes easy, you can’t achieve anything if you don’t suffer and strive hard for it. If gold do not passthrough fire it can never shine… so always encourage yourself with what will never make you give up on your choosen career.

7. Risk.

The kind of risk you take will determine the things you can achieve in life and your level of successes. “Who fails to try planned to fail”. life can only favours the risk takers. The one who is always good at taking risks always achieve many things. So don’t fear to take risk when you are running the race of success.

8. Mentality.

If your mentality is poor, you are most likely to remain poor. Aim high, adjust yourself for the best you are hoping to come. Dream it big and be ready to learn so that your mentality will always change for good. Don’t be stagnant and rigid, be flexible to positive changes. anybody that want to achieve anything in this life must be ready to change positively and be ready to make a u-turn at any point in life. Successful people are always ready to learn from others even from people that are lower to them (low class).

With this few points of ours I believed you might have gained a lots already, well there might be more than all we have here but please take these few points of ours and work on all the break downs, you might have picked one or two things please like and share.

Thank you for choosing my love life and I