My Marriage Experience 

My Marriage Experience

My Marriage Experience
My Marriage Experience

It’s every man’s and every woman’s dream to have a successful marriage. Do you know it might be very difficult to have a successful marriage without learning from others who have experienced it. An adages says “Experience is the best teacher.” For this reason we are meeting one of the youngest and the finest couple to share with us their experiences in their few of marriage.

Good day Mr. and Mrs. I’m Shollyworld. I’m glad to have you in our interview session today. Please tell us your names.

Thank you, it’s Mr. and Mrs. Owolabi.

Good to have you in our studio once again. Mr. and Mrs. Owolabi. Can you tell us where you are both from?

We are both from Kwara state (Ilorin).

Sir, the few questions we will be asking now goes to you first before we continue with your wife:

How did you meet your wife?

I met her at the church. One of the youth programs. We got talking and from there, we are here.

Without wasting much of our time sir, what exactly entice you to your wife when you first met her?

Smiles. I wouldn’t say there was an enticement. But I was sure there was something about her that made a difference. I wasn’t also planning to date a church lady then as well. But upon meeting her, I observed she’s focused, knows God, and she is beautiful.

So sir, do you believe in love at first sight?

Love at first sight? Maybe. But I will not call it love. Instead, I’ll call it “like”. I mean we’ve not known the person, so we can only state that we like them and thereafter it grows to love.

What is your advice to the young one’s planning to search for their missing ribs out there?

Well, my advice is: Don’t go on a search. Be calm and work on yourself, your goals, etc. You will recognize that special person when you meet them. Don’t go into a relationship you do not have a plan for, It wastes one’s time.

Do you believe there is perfect marriage?

Well, there’s no perfect marriage. Some marriages are filled with lies and charades. You’d think everything is going fine there but when you live with them, you will know it’s hell. A marriage that works perfectly is one that which the spouses work together to make things work. It requires a lot of work, spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial work.

Is there any way you think marriage has changed your life?

I’m learning everyday. A whole lot of things have changed. There’s a new set of responsibilities and more work to be done. So, marriage has changed many things (for good though)

What are the things you have been doing before that you can no longer do because you are married now? (At least name one or two for us)

I have a lot of female friends, I do not feel comfortable talking with some of them any more. Then, I love pap but my wife don change am to custard. Aside from those, all things are good.

We hope the family is now blessed with kids; if so, how many boys and how many girls right now?

None yet.

God will surely bless you with lots of beautiful children. Soon that we will come and celebrate with you in Jesus name. Amen.

For how long have you been married?

Over a year now.

What did you know your wife loves doing and what can you say about her dislikes too?

She loves singing and plays a lot.

About dislikes, she does not like me getting busy with my phones while we are talking and a couple of others.

I believe that you are a christian with with everything you have said so far. But do you see anything wrong in getting married to someone who is not in the same doctrine or religion with you?

I’m a Christian. Well, just like I said above marriage requires spiritual work. All focus should not be on others only. It’s a part that is very important. In light of that, I have a belief that like only works with like. You do not want to marry someone who does not believe in what you believe in. That would be the first point of division in that home. Many homes are broken just because of that.

Thanks you so much sir for your fanatic responses. Now questions goes to you Madam.

Madam, is there anything marriage has taken from you and how do you see marriage right now?

Marriage has taught me a lot of things. I am learning how to live with someone different from my family.

I am learning some things from my husband too. Marriage is beautiful.

What exactly do you admire in your husband that made you go for him?

His wealth of knowledge and understanding of situations. Plus he loves God and he is someone I can learn from.

What is your advice for the ladies out there searching for their Mr right?

I believe that as a lady, you do not have to be searching for who is right for you. You must work on yourself, past negative memories, and other things that may keep you away from having a good relationship especially when that person comes.

Perfectly said. So appreciate your husband with some few words if you feel he is a man that deserves it.

I call him, AYOMI, he is the one God uses to bring joy to my way everyday

Sir, you too appreciate your wife with few words if you feel she deserves it.

When God was looking for a way to bless me, he gave my wife to me and I’m grateful for that

You can both appreciate anyone you feel like appreciating that you think has contributed to your family life today. Do that shortly the whole world might be seeing the right now.

Well, to everyone who has been of help to me and my family. Thank you.

God bless you Mr. And Mrs. Owolabi. What is your candid advice for MY LOVE LIFE AND I team, and what exactly can you say about us right now?

We thank you for the invite and also say you should keep up with the good work.

Thank you for honoring our invitation.

Mr. and Mrs. Owolabi. May your family be blessed the more with all your heart desires. We all love you. Thanks so much.

I believe you have gained from this piece. Remember, it’s every man’s and every woman’s dream to have a successful marriage, and there’s no way you can have a successful marriage without sharing from others experiences. People who have being there before you. with all these I believe you would have gotten one or two things to gain that you can also share with friends and family. Please don’t forget to share.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.