15 Types of Men You Are Supposed to Avoid as a Woman Who is Aspiring for a Good Relationship

15 Types of Men You Are Supposed to Avoid as a Woman Who is Aspiring for a Good Relationship

Types of Men You Are Supposed to Avoid as a Woman Who is Aspiring for a Good Relationship
15 Types of Men You Are Supposed to Avoid as a Woman Who is Aspiring for a Good Relationship

The type of man you are having in your life when you are in a relationship will determine the kind of family you will have when you eventually get married to him so it’s best to stay far away from these kind of men! No matter how much you deny it, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, and no matter how badly you wish it wasn’t true, the reality of life is that we can’t control who we fall in love with. Can you imagine how much easier our lives would be if we had at least some say in who gets to make our heart beat a little faster, who makes our day shine brighter with just one smile, and who controls the eternal key to our happiness? But even if we can’t completely control it, we can at least take some precautionary measures.

For starters, let us help you identify the certain types of men who you’re definitely better off without. Understand their patterns. Keep a look out for the hurtful behavior they might cause you. And just rule them out of your life before they even get the chance to be a part of it.

And if you feel like you’re already stuck with a man like this, then don’t feel too disheartened. Don’t break things off immediately. Give him time. Help him understand the difficulties you’re facing in this relationship. And if he still doesn’t change, then take out some time to think about whether he’s really worth all the trouble.

Here are 15 kinds of men that you really don’t need in your life:

1. The one who don’t know how to keep secret.
A man should be responsible enough to know how to keep his relationship secret away from friends and family. A man need to know that It’s not everything that happens in your relationship that your friends and family need to know. A man must learn how to handle matters without letting others outside his relationship knows what is going on and a real man need to also know that keeping secret is good but not from your own partner. You must be open and honest with your partner always.

2. The Disrespectful One.
We’re all well-aware of the fact that no relationship in the world can function successfully without a certain level of mutual respect.

But sometimes, when you’re dating a guy, the disrespectful behavior that you need to look out for extends beyond the relationship. If he can’t talk politely to the waiter at dinner, if he has no problem in angrily pushing off any beggars that approach him on the street, if he is famous at his work-place for being the annoying man with the condescending attitude, if he can’t talk straight to his own parents, then it’s highly unlikely that he’s capable of showing true respect to anyone at all. Don’t give him time and reasons to start disrespecting you as well.

3. The Aggressive One.
This is probably one of the worst kinds of guys that you’ll ever have to deal with. And the reason is pretty obvious – you can’t ever feel safe with him.

This man is forceful. He is demanding. And he feels no issue in resorting to verbal or physical violence the minute he gets upset about something. You’ve heard all about the fights he got into in college just because someone looked at him in a weird way or because he didn’t agree with what someone was saying.

You’ve seen him burst out at the people he loves and even at strangers sometimes, so you keep reminding yourself to be very careful about the things you say and the things you do when he’s around. You don’t want anything to upset him or to set off his fiery temper at any moment.

He might not be abusive towards you at the moment, but you can always feel a little fear lingering on in your heart. And even if he doesn’t harm you physically, he is definitely capable of harming you emotionally. All his life, he has played the role of a bully so don’t be too surprised if he doesn’t stop playing that role when he’s in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how hot or dreamy you think he is, there should never be any room in your life for a man like this one.

4. The One Who’s Really Not That Into You.
If you’re someone who has been on the look-out for a serious and committed relationship lately, then it’s pretty obvious why you need to stay far away from this man.

He might make you laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before in your life. He might make your heart beat faster than ever before. He might have all the beliefs and views that you always wanted in a man. And he might be everything you’ve ever wanted in life and more. But the sad truth is that if he’s not really that into you, there’s no point in continuing to run after him. You might want to try and show him how absolutely wonderful you are and then wait for him to change his feelings towards you, but from what I’ve learned through experience, there’s a very slim chance of that. And life is too short to just let yourself hanging like that. This guy isn’t necessarily a bad man, but this man just isn’t the one for you. If you feel like you’re okay with some casual and fun dating, then it’s okay to keep spending your time with him. But if that’s not the case, then just stop wasting your time.

5. The One Who is Always Lying.
None of us is always completely honest and truthful in life. And a few lies some or us refered to “white lies” never really hurt anyone. In fact, they actually help in protecting other people’s feelings at times. But if you feel like the man you’re seeing always seems to be caught up in an endless web of lies, then you definitely shouldn’t be thinking of getting serious with him.

He is always very secretive about where he is and who he’s with. He prefers to lie than to come out with the truth about anything he thinks you don’t want to hear. If he’s been slacking off at work or generally in life, he’ll try his best to hide it from you just so he can avoid dealing with your reaction.

When you ask him how you look, you always feel like he isn’t giving you his complete and honest opinion. And even if some of these lies are actually coming from a good place in his heart, you would still prefer to hear the cold hard truth than an edited version of it. After all, he is supposed to be the one you can trust with your life, the one who can give you a reality check when everyone else around you is acting fake and the one who couldn’t dream of lying to you even if he tried. A relationship needs to be based on honesty and trust and if that’s not possible with him, then you need to reconsider your options.

6. The Insecure One.
We’ve all faced our share of insecurities in life. We’ve all been through phases where we felt like we had no self-esteem left at all.

And we continue to struggle with issues of confidence and self-assurance even today. We don’t always feel too good about ourselves, and that’s completely okay. But if you feel like the man you’re with is so insecure that he becomes extremely toxic to be around, then you don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. He keeps texting you to ask where you are and who you’re with. He hasn’t left out any form of social media stalking when it comes to you, and he’s not even discreet about it.

He starts acting really grumpy and annoyed every time you go out with your male friends, even the ones who are in happy and committed relationships. He keeps speculating that you’ll end up cheating on him because he still can’t believe how someone like him landed a girl as amazing as you. He can’t feel happy for you when you finally achieve that promotion you worked so hard for, if it means you’ll be spending less time with him and more time with your co-workers. In other words, he can’t live with the thought of you having a life because he doesn’t have one of his own. This guy is just not worth your time!

7. The Selfish One.
This man doesn’t really need an introduction – we’ve all encountered a ton of guys like these in the course of our lifetimes.

This is the man who will always care more about himself, his interests, his needs and wants, his desires than he does about you or anything related to you for that matter. All his decisions are based on no one but him. The concept of “we” is something that he could never comprehend. And even when he does something truly nice for you, you eventually end up discovering all the ulterior motives behind it.

All your plans are based on what he feels like doing. If you’re spending a holiday together, you always end up meeting all of his family and friends while he refuses to meet any of yours. He doesn’t make any compromises, but he keeps expecting you to make several compromises for the sake of this relationship.

All his life, he has been under the impression that there’s no one better than him and that the entire world revolves around his needs. All of us need to be a bit selfish at times, but this kind of behavior is just unacceptable.

8. The Unfaithful One.
It’s funny (or sad actually) how we all believe that the one thing we would never accept in a relationship is cheating, but once it actually happens to us, we become more forgiving than we initially expected. We give in to their apologies and tears. We believe them when they say it was the first time and definitely the last. We believe them when they say they only love us and won’t ever do anything to hurt us again. But an unfaithful guy can’t change. He can’t stick to just one girl even after he swears he will. The truth is that he was never even capable of being monogamous to anyone, and it’s come to a point where his behavior isn’t even in his own control anymore.

But that won’t stop him from continuing to drag you along, from keeping you as a constant option, or from making sure you never leave him and move on to someone better – someone who really understands your worth. Don’t let him use you. Don’t let yourself be a victim of this kind of betrayal. And leave him before it starts to feel impossible.

9. The Unsupportive One.
This problem with this man might seem insignificant to you at first. You might think that his traits don’t qualify for you to write him off completely in the very beginning. But with time, you will soon realize why you shouldn’t be with him. The title is pretty self-explanatory: This man just won’t support you whether the support is for your career or some new activity you always wanted to take up or just some comfort and love when you’re feeling down and broken.

This lack of support could be a result of the fact that he doesn’t agree with you about most things or it could just be a result of his complete lack of interest in the things you go through. He never calls you to wish you luck before a big presentation at work, and he won’t ever call later to ask how it went. If you decide to pursue a new personal, academic, or career interest, he won’t make you feel like he has your back in everything you choose.

He has no interest in listening about your goals and dreams in life, and consequently, he won’t play any part in helping you achieve them. If you want to be happy in your relationship, you need to be with a guy who truly supports you no matter what, who helps you be better than you were yesterday, and who wants nothing more than to see you achieving great things in life. This is exactly why the unsupportive guy is not the one you should be with.

10. The Superficial One.
This man is usually the first man you will notice at a party. He seems to be the life of every crowd and there’s no denying his good looks either. So it’s not surprising that you’ll have to exercise quite a bit of self-control and give yourself a reminder of your true priorities to stop yourself from giving this guy a permanent place in your life. He might have the ability to sweep you off your feet with just one look. He might make your heart skip a beat every time you feel his skin close to yours. But when this initial passion and excitement dies down, you might end up feeling disappointed to realize that he doesn’t have any real depth. You can’t share a meaningful conversation with him. You can’t tell him about all your fears, the things that keep you up at night, the insecurities that hold you back, the pain you’ve experienced before, and all the things that made you stronger in life.

Because every time you try to do that, you realize once again that the only thing he really cares about is how many followers he has on Instagram, or how many views he has on his Snap Story from last night’s party, or that he buys the new IPhone as soon as it’s out, or that everyone in town is jealous of the girl he’s dating. In other words, he cares more about how other people perceive him and his life to be than about the reality of things. His life’s purpose is to cater to the unending opinions and views of the people around him. Staying close to this guy might end up destroying your self-esteem or even worse, he might even transform you into a narcissistic person like him.

11. The Chauvinistic One.
The kind of woman you decide to be is completely up to you. If you hope to become a housewife and a mother, that’s great! If you want to work full-time and support your family, that’s great too. If you don’t want to do anything at all the entire day and just spend your days sleeping, eating and partying, it’s completely your call. But the problem with the chauvinistic man is that he will always expect you to fit into his definition of what a woman should be like, without caring about what you want or hope to be.

This attitude probably goes back to the way he was raised, the way he was taught to think about women, and the way he was taught to treat them, so there probably isn’t much you can do to change him.

He can’t ever come to terms with the fact that your career is just as important as his or maybe even more, and he will never agree to help you with household chores.

He will never appreciate the things you do for him because he views them as entitlements instead of privileges. And even if he doesn’t come out and admit it, but he believes that the main purpose of your existence is to serve him. He hates doing ‘girly tasks’ and if you ever take up something that he think is ‘masculine’, he will start judging you for it.

Basically, there’s very little chance of you sharing a peaceful co-existence with him.

12. The one who is not ready to do. 
Having a man in your life who is not ready to work or do anything to help your life is like being single. A man you will have in your life should be ready to do, ready to work and make provision for your family if you are having a man now who is not productive try to avoid him before it get to a Stage you won’t be able to control again.

13. The one who is promiscuous.
A man who is having or involving many sexual partners: not restricted to one sexual partner or few sexual partners. Someone not restricted to one class, he doesn’t even know what he want in a woman he just want to taste every woman he set his eye on. Someone who is after sexual aspect of the relationship alone.

14 The one who seems always right.
The one who doesn’t want to take to Correction. Everything he said is always the final and doesn’t seems like someone who use to make mistakes. He always want his voice to be at the top of yours. If he doesn’t give you chance to express your feelings. Such a man you need to avoid him because of your mental health.

15. The one who is an addict.
Anyone who is an addict will even love what he is addicted to more that you. For example: if he loves to drink, smoke, drug. The moment he doesn’t see all those things to he his addicted he won’t be happy. So avoid everything you know that he is in love with one particular thing and not willing to change or stop doing it.

These 15 things can save you from making a wrong choice of man so study them all and make use of them. Although there’s no perfect man anywhere but you can at a point avoid some of the things that can affect your family in the future and remember to pray before you choose anyone as your partner. It’s also important when you are planning to get the best for yourself and I want you to know that having the best is not through their physical look or financial and material things but the ability to choose someone who cares about you the same way you cares about him and someone who can go any length just to make you smile.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.