Before You Fully accept to Marry That Special Person Think About The Following

Before You Fully accept to Marry That Special Person Think About The Following

Before You Fully accept to Marry That Special Person Think About The Following
Before You Fully accept to Marry That Special Person Think About The Following

1. Marry someone who can give you a better version of yourself, and not someone who just want to change you to fit into his or her lifestyle or the role of the perfect person he want. If they don’t love you as you are, let them stay single till they find that perfect person.

Marriage is a life time journey and is deeper than how we view it. Marriage is very deep that if you don’t take time to understand it, you will regret ever being into it. Marry with your heart, and also with your brain and not with your desires, because your desire will one day fadeaway.

2. Marry someone who believe in your dreams, someone who can fight with you till both of you becomes the winner.

3. Marry someone who believe in your imperfections and not someone who will complain thousand times about your mistakes and errors.

4. Getting married to someone who is liability, is the best way to welcome poverty and heartache into your life. For a woman to be a liability to you, is not just about finances, it simply means someone who can not assist you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When you are the only person taking care of everything, then, you are married to a liability.

5. Marry someone who knows that Marriage is not 50/50 but 100/100 commitment, submissiveness, loyalty, faithfulness, love, truthfulness, honesty and intellectual from the both of you.

Someone who knows that you guys must work together and make the Marriage to work for the good of you guys.

6. Marry someone who can be proud of you both at home and in public, no matter the efforts you are making, not someone who will always be comparing you with another guy in the other apartment or street.

7. Before you walk down the aisle, be sure that he or she can pray for you and your children whenever you are weak to pray. Marriage is more than physical realms, it involves been spiritual too.

If you marry someone who can not support you spiritually, then your spiritual life will suffer.

8. Marry someone who will not threaten to cheat on you simply because you suddenly become weak to satisfy him or her on bed. Understanding is very much important here, he should know when you are truly weak, when you are medically down and when you are ready to drive him to the cloud through the bedroom.

9. Marry someone who knows when you are joking and not someone that will take everything you are saying as insult.

10. Don’t marry someone who will use every mistake you made against you, in the presence of friends and family.

11. Marry someone who will not use their educational qualification to intimidate you, For example: A lawyer who brings law into the marriage daily activities, that’s humiliation and abuse. A medical doctor who brings his or her profession into the marriage by mandating how you must live your life on daily basis. That can’t help your marriage.

The best marriage is a marriage built by two imperfect individuals, who believe that their imperfections is what makes them perfect for each other.

Marriage is not bed of roses. Some days may not make you smile while some days are like that.

Give your best to it with everything you have.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.