How to Make Yourself Priority in Your Own Life

How to Make Yourself Priority in Your Own Life

How to Make Yourself Priority in Your Own Life

Making yourself a priority in your life is not being selfish. You should know that putting you first doesn’t make you a selfish person. You can do for yourself and still don’t deprive others their own rights.

Making yourself a priority is one of the greatest password that can open doors of successes in your life. It’s self believe and knowing self worth if you make yourself your number one priority. It means you are confidence enough to do it even if it means to do it alone.

If you don’t make yourself a priority in your life, you may end up achieving nothing with your life at the end of the day because it’s self love that will give you the boldness to fight alone at times.

If you want to know more about how to make yourself a priority in your life, Here are 26 things you need to know now:

1. Forgiving your first.
If you don’t forget yourself you will be feeling like you are not religious enough to do the job of your own life.

2. Respect yourself first.
If you don’t respect yourself, others won’t respect you for who you are.

3. Appreciate yourself first.
It’s what you appreciate in your life people will also appreciate in you.

4. Believe in yourself first.
If you don’t believe in yourself you will never achieve those things you dreamt of.

5. Trust yourself first.
Trust yourself first for doing the best job of your own life, if you don’t other people can never trust you.

6. Love and care for yourself first.
Love and care for yourself, people may try to help you but only you knows those things your body system really want.. so do it for yourself.

7. Consult yourself first.
You are the consultant of your own life so learn to always consult yourself first because you are the Oracle of your own life. Before you consult anyone for anything, first of all ask yourself first. Any problem you can think of is half way solved within.

8. Feed yourself first.
Feed yourself with food, informations and vital things that will help your life grow faster and better.

9. See yourself first.
Before you tell people to access you, access yourself physically, spiritually, and mentally. Judge yourself before allowing people to judge you, criticize yourself before others criticisms.

10. Dream yourself first.
Dream whatever you want before others start to dream about you.

11. Rely on yourself first.
Reply on yourself more than you rely on anything else.

12. Educate yourself first.
School yourself. Be ready to learn and relearn, make sure you keep learning everyday of your life and never stop learning.

13. Celebrate yourself first.
Celebrate yourself even if others don’t care about your existence, appreciate those things you have and those one’s you are still hoping to have, keep counting your blessings always and remember to always give thanks to God for it.

13. Honor yourself first.
Honor yourself, I’m a king I deserve to be honored and respected, don’t treat yourself like trash, you always deserves the best.

14. Fight yourself first.
Fight yourself just because you want to do better, condemn yourself because you want do more, don’t let others do that for you before you do it.

15. Starve yourself first.
Starve yourself because you want to achieve some things, don’t rest too much in your comfort zone. You need to put pressure on yourself to be able to achieve some things in life.

16. Create yourself first.
Create yourself by discovering your true potential and work on how to achieve it in time.

17. Control yourself first.
Control yourself first before others start controlling you. Find a way out before you are instructed by others to do so. Work with time and make sure you are doing the best of what you choose for yourself to do.

19. Give yourself first.
Give all to yourself first. Try to always give yourself all the support you need to do the things you need to make it in everything you lay hands on. Concentrate on building yourself always.

20. Think about yourself first.
Think more on yourself more than you are busy thinking about others and their achievements so that it might not come too sudden when you will realized that the people you are busy thinking about don’t actually have time to think about you or care about your existence.

22. Thank yourself first.
Thanks about yourself for all the good work you have done on yourself because you need it more than others can do for you.

23. Push yourself first.
Push yourself to always do better because others may not do that for you.

24. Protect yourself first.
Protect yourself first, stay away from danger because if you are alive it is for your own good not others because you are owing no one your life.

25. Decorate yourself first.
Decorate yourself with all your achievements, some times you needed to shine so that others can emulate it.

26. Do everything to yourself first. 
Do more of yourself first as you are the first author of your own destiny so try to always write what is good for yourself in the way you want it.

You need to know that you will make yourself proud before people start to be proud of you.

In life, you will definitely find someone who will stand tall to help you at a time or within a certain period of some difficult situations in your life. Friends and family may try to help you out as you keep running your race, but no matter how they try to help you, they won’t do it better or perfect like you will do it yourself because only you knows what you wish for yourself and who you really are, you can only be the only one to achieve that your goal, so stop relying on anyone to help you out. Sometimes peoples helps may fail you but yours can not fail you. Never it can’t! You have to always let your trust be in God and yourself. The rest is not always certain, it can only come once in a while and if God didn’t direct people to your path to help you, they will not help you no matter how close they are to you except you will do it all by yourself.

If it looks like I chose I first in everything, please don’t think I’m selfish, I’m only trying to trust myself for my life job than giving it to anyone else to do for me. I know even if they tried giving their best to do it perfect for me, trust me it can never be like what I have done for myself.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.