Jealously Is Part Of Love 

Jealously Is Part Of Love

The real truth is that when there’s no jealousy, there is no love. Not being jealous simply means that you don’t care and you are not passionate about what you have or what is rightfully belonging to you. If you don’t care about your partner’s attitude and if you are not passionate about it, its means you’re not in love. The passion shows the love.

There’s no love without an atom of jealousy.

Have you seen a farmer who said I don’t even care if cows or animals eat up the whole of my farm before? A good farmer will do everything to prevent the farm from animals, pests and diseases to the point of  harvesting it.

Have you also seen any parent saying I don’t care if my children die or not, or I don’t care if my children pack their belongings out of my House before? Real parents protect and guide their children in the best way they want them grow.

Anyone that you have in your life right now that is saying I doesn’t care whether you are dating another person with me or not … do not love you at all, those who doesn’t care if you are cheating or them or not, who doesn’t care if you walk away from his/her life or not, who doesn’t feel insecure about you for once, such person do not love you at all.

Love is jealousy but it shouldn’t be too much and you must know how to control yourself not to turn jealousy to anger or misunderstanding.

If you are dating anyone and the person is always telling you I’m not a jealous type, just know you are not important to such a person, be very careful because such person can go out of your life at anytime and he/she is likely to be more dangerous than serpent because people who doesn’t react to things are more dangerous that people who speak out their minds.

So many people believed that when their partner is jealous he/she does not love, no it’s not true. To me jealousy is part of love but don’t be over protective or make your partner look like you are insecure. Too much of jealous will definitely ruin your relationship/marriage no doubt about that so learn to control yourself all the times.

With this little, did you agree with me that jealousy is part of love?