30 Things a Woman Should be

30 Things a Woman Should be

30 Things a Woman Should be
30 Things a Woman Should be

According to advance English


woman is a female human being,the term woman is usually reserved for an adult

What does It mean to be a woman?

Being a woman is a recognition of some of the weaknesses that you may be ascribed from birth and the uphill battle you might face in a less than perfect world. But Its also recognizing the strengths that come with womanhood – the strength of your heart, your mind, and your body, which differ from woman to woman, which differ culturally. Being a woman means being strong, because you’ll find that your womanhood will need that strength, and when you let it, sometimes that strength will even find you. When you’re a woman, you take responsibility for your life and for what you want from that life. And you might be afraid, but you go beyond that fear to define your womanhood, and not allow somebody else to define it for you.

I enjoy being a woman, and I enjoy being the woman I am becoming. I especially enjoy challenging the notion that I can be put in a box.

what are the qualities of a great woman?

1. She is gracious. A woman is never above thanking someone, no matter who or how small it seems. She is sincerely thankful and always expresses her gratitude in a meaningful way.

2. She is a leader. A woman sets the precedent in any given situation. She knows that she has influence and uses it to lead people to good.

3. She is steadfast. A woman is consistent across time and circumstances. When she makes a commitment to herself, she doesn’t allow pressure or trends to cause her to waver.

4. She promotes moral excellence. A woman does the right thing even when no one else is looking. She takes the time to find a trash can rather than leaving it on the sidewalk.

5. She is honest. She says what she means and means what she says. A woman is direct, never passive aggressive, she does not leave room for interpretation.

6. She is self-aware. A woman is aware of the experience others are having with her. She quickly realizes when she is in the wrong and needs to apologize to someone.

7. She thinks before she speaks. A woman takes a moment before speaking her mind to ask herself if the comment is necessary, kind or helpful. If it isnt , she reconsiders making a reckless comment.

8. She is the best-version of herself. A woman doesn’t t downplay her beauty, gifts or intelligence in order to please others or make people comfortable. She walks in the best version of herself which actually releases other women to do the same.

9. She is a thoughtful gift-giver. A woman gives gifts that shows the recipient that she cares about what they like. It doesn’t just have to be for special occasions.

10. She uses her words wisely. A woman refrains from gossip and negative talk, remembering that her words are the reflection of the content in her heart.

11. She represents herself with class and dignity on social media. She does her best to respond to comments and to always tag each person in her photos.

12. She is hospitable. Even if she doesnt necessarily have the innate gift of hospitality, she does her best to ensure her guests or the people around her are comfortable.

13. She is temperate. A woman practices discipline and self-control with alcohol consumption, especially when she may be surrounded by those trying to abstain.

14. She draws boundaries. Being kind doesn’t mean you are a people pleaser. A lady has boundaries in place regarding what she will and will not allow and people know where the line is drawn usually without her saying anything.

15. She expresses genuine interest in others. A woman is interested in doing more, give more and aways should expresses her self to the fullest not interesting.

16. She is honoring. A woman always gives acknowledgment where acknowledgement is due. This includes reposting quotes or pictures on social media that did not originate with you.

17. She is original. She has role-models and mentors, but she never copies or compares. A lady knows that being inspired by God will lend to longevity and passion.

18. She knows when to let things go. A woman picks her battles and realizes that getting upset or flustered is actually giving her power away. She remains unoffended.

19. She is humble. A woman gracefully allows others to shine and have their moments.

20. She is adaptable. A woman knows how to navigate various social situations and settings with ease and confidence.

21. She is kind. A woman is inclusive, always aiming to protect anyone from feeling like an “outsider.”

22. She takes pride in her appearance at all times. Going to the grocery store on a Saturday is not an exception.

23. She cares properly for her hygiene and health. A woman knows she can not be dynamic in her purpose if she is not making her health a priority. She is also sure to have breath mints and deodorant in an effort to not be offensive.

24. She is always learning and remains teachable. A woman is constantly growing, is thirsty for wisdom and is never a “know it all.”

25. She is a generous listener. A woman listens to others with grace and does not attempt to overshadow the speaker with comments

26. She is a peace-maker. A woman doesn’t contribute to dissension, discord or division among friends. She does not stir up drama. She is a vessel of mediation and peace.

27. She is noble. A woman does the good thing even when it is not expected of her. For example, she blesses someone’s reputation who has attempted to curse hers.

28. She is a seeker of truth. A woman is not spineless. She defends the truth even when it isn’t popular.

29. She has a heart for justice. A woman has a strong sense of right and wrong and is passionate to see the oppressed redeemed.

30. She believes in her Creator. A woman knows that her identity is rooted in her Maker. Her strength and vision come from daily prayer.

Been a woman is the best treasure in the world.

Woman are the salt of the world, believe me being a woman is everything.

Appreciate every woman you know

Respect her dignity and return favour to her with a kind heart.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.