20 Ways You Can Win The Heart of a Man You Desire

20 Ways You Can Win The Heart of a Man You Desire

20 Ways You Can Win The Heart of a Man You Heart Desire
20 Ways You Can Win The Heart of a Man You Desire

I believe every women and men out there should be crushing on someone most especially singles. Everybody must have one particular man or woman who they are crushing on or aspiring to go into relationship with. It’s most like that some of us do not have the courage to walk up to to the people we want in our lives, but do we know that there are several things and several ways to go about gaining the attention of those we want for ourselves without approaching them with love?

To those beautiful ladies out there who want good men in their lives. Here are the things you can do to win the heart of the man that you have ever wanted.

What are the things a man will see in a woman that can make him fall for her?

1. He want someone who will respect him. All men desire women that can respect them so much, no man want arrogant and proud woman. Everyone man want is a woman who adore respect him like he is a king. If you don’t respect him he can not like you. All men want you to be respectful and understanding. Avoid criticizing or belittling him.

2. He want to be sure of your originality. Men don’t like women that is living fake life. Be original, be yourself even if you are not so sure that it will be what he love, and make sure you show genuine interest in his hobbies and interests. Ask him questions and listen attentively when he talks about them.

3. He want your confidence. Your boldness counts a lot if you want a man to love you. All men like women that has confidence. Someone, who has boldness to speaks out her mind and doesn’t have anything to hide including her worries her bad habit and showing her true self will make him admire you the more. Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to impress him.

4. He want to always see your sense of humour. Show him your sense of humour. Laughter is a great way to bond and connect. Let him always see you are fun to be with, if you are a boring type he may not like you. Learn to bring reasonable topics and jokes whenever you are discussing.

5. He want your support. All men want a visional. Men want a woman who can see good and great future in whatever they’re doing. He want someone who will see him beyond his physical appearance. Men want someone who will be supportive of their goals and aspirations. Someone who will see their chosen career as big deal if achieve.

6. He want your kindness and compassion. Show him that you care about his feelings and well-being. Support him with everything you have: financially, materially and support him morally.

7. Be positive and upbeat. Avoid complaining or being negative about things. Be optimistic and not pessimistic. You need to always believe in the tiny hope.

8. He want you to be self sufficient.  Show him that you are not a lazy woman that can’t work on her own to achieve anything. Let him know that you’re not a dependent and you have everything you need without needing much help from him. Show him that you don’t need much from him, most especially in the area of  finances and material things, but show him that you want him in your life.

9. He want you to be adventurous and open-minded. Try new things together and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Open up your plans to him and don’t be afraid to take some risks. All men love women that is willing to take risk with them.

10. He want your effective communication. Be honest and direct about your feelings and needs, and let him always see the truthfulness and sincerity in all your utterances. Don’t let him doubt you at all.

11. He want you to show him affection and physical touch. Hold his hand, give him hugs, and show him that you’re comfortable being close to him. Don’t hide him to friends and family let him know that all your friends and family knows him. Don’t dodge him because you are with friends or family. For example: because you have a friend or one of your family with you, you because of that decide to ignore or cut off his call. Things like that won’t make him like to be with you.

12. He want you to give him your undivided attention. Put away your phone, game, turn of the music and focus on him when you’re together, expect he request for it don’t play music when he visits you.

13. He want you to be supportive of his friends and family. Show him that you’re willing to make an effort to fit into his life in all ways, including making  friends with his friends and accepting his family as yours.

14. He want you to be patient and understanding. Relationships take time to develop, so don’t rush things. Give it enough time and also support all your steps with prayer and believe that it will later work good for you.

15. He want you to show him that you’re trustworthy and reliable. People will only value you with how many times they have tested you that you do not fail them so do everything to keep your word and follow through on your commitments. It will make him cherish you.

16. He want you to surprise him with thoughtful gestures. “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” if you know you want to win him, you need to learn to cook for him his favorite meal often. Show him that you’re a good cook and plan a surprise weekend getaway. Present him gift in all his special and important days and don’t forget any of his special days let it be your diary. Days like: His birthday, graduation and lots more.

17. He want you to respect his boundaries and personal space. Don’t be clingy or pushy. Give him space when he doesn’t want you around and don’t see it as crime. If he doesn’t want you to do anything also endeavor not to do it, accept whatever he want and discard what he does not want you to do. Be loyal to him always.

18. He want you show him your intelligence and wit. Engage in meaningful conversations and challenge each other intellectually. This is part of what can strengthen the bond and I want you to know that no man want a woman that is not intelligent.

19. He want you show to him your feminine side. Dress nicely don’t dress half naked because you want to impress him, wear nice perfume to smell good, you need to know that your good body odor can also entice him, and exude confidence. Just know that looking good to him will admire you the more.

20. He want you to be yourself and have fun. Show him that you enjoy his company and that you’re excited about the possibility of a relationship.

If you need a man in your life, all these is all you need to show him and its shows that you’re 100 percent ready for him and I believe with all these few points of mine you are ready indeed if you don’t hesitate to do them all.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.