Things to Do When a Man Suddenly Leave You For Another Woman

Things to Do When a Man Suddenly Leave You For Another Woman

Things to Do When a Man Suddenly Leave You For Another Woman

He left you for another woman and you can get over him. This is for ladies I hope they’ll like it?

You need to always have it at the back of your mind that whoever left you was not part of your life, if he moves on move on too. That’s harsh right ? but it’s the truth, I’m sorry.

Some people goes to their early grave because a man or woman left them. They go in depression for months or years they think they can never find someone else.

Look, whoever left does not know your worth! You are so expensive like diamond and valuable like gold. You should know that gold will never shine if its does not pass through fire. You need to know that passing through hard times is sometimes normal.

Just say I’m too good to be lose and move on with your life too. You have belittled yourself long enough and now its time to brazen up. Its time for you as a woman to develop yourself. Life is more than sex, gift and “I love you”.

If you increase your value through self development you will not need to run after one man. Reassess you last relationship.

What did you do wrong:

  • Are you a liability?
  • Are you desperate and throw yourself at him cheaply?
  • Are you not good enough for you?

Stop putting all blames on the guy. He cheated, he lies etc I know that’s wrong but did you did wrong as well. Maybe you disrespected him and probably does the same now. I know its painful but tears won’t bring him back now and time is going.

You’re beautiful courageous, you can be rich and have enough to bless others. It doesn’t matter if they’ve told you negative things or if you’ve beliefs their lies about you. you can make it and influence others.

Thousands of guy are praying to have someone like you. Why will you die because of one that left. Before you go into another relationship though, make sure you hear clearly from God, so you won’t fall into the same mistake again.

So wipe your tears, take a paper and write 5 things you can do to improve your relationship. Make sure number 1 is to serve God with all your heart, also write the things you learnt from your last relationship.

If he comes back after he as seen you improve value don’t fall for it. Be careful and prayerful, reexamine if he has truly change or he just come to mess up the change you’ve made.

5 Things to do When a Man Suddenly Leave Lou For Another Woman.

1. Take time to think. Think and sure you are not the one at fault. Check yourself and do everything to amend every mistakes you have made made in the relationship.

2. Mourn the past. It’s normal for your past to make you sad but never think too much on the things you have lost. Think about but never let it have anything to do with your present. Do everything to forget all that you have lost if you keep on thinking about it you won’t forget it do what will make you forget it easily. eat well, sleep well, listen to good music, read books, dance, and share with friends. It will help you forget your past.

3. Make friends. Making new friends can help you forget your past. Meet new people and have a open mind with them. Don’t think that because someone has hurt you there’s no good one elsewhere. Believe me, There are lots of good people out there waiting to meet you but if you don’t give them chance you won’t know how Good they can be.

4. Set walkable career goals. Make sure that anyone that left you don’t meet you at a spot if he comes backs. Strive hard and Let your career be your first priority. Do everything to get better and make sure you achievement is what he will cherish so much if he comes back.

5. Avoid the past. Do everything to disconnect yourself from your past. Some will definitely come back but not all will come back for good. Some, their coming back is to ruin your long achievement so the best thing to do is not to give them the chance to penetrate into your achievement.

May we all find our heart desire!

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.