If You See These 11 Signs The Relationship is Just For Fun Stop Taking it Serious

If You See These 11 Signs The Relationship is Just For Fun Stop Taking it Serious

If You See These 11 Signs The Relationship is Just Fun Stop Taking it Serious
If You See These 11 Signs The Relationship is Just For Fun Stop Taking it Serious

This is the simplest ways to know if you have been in a “just for fun relationship” with you all these while

A relationships can be said to be for fun if it’s only for pleasure purpose and if the relationship is looking like it’s won’t end in marriage. Most people don’t know when they are in a fun relationship because they believe that whatever they are experiencing in their marriage is normal. How can you stop taking fun relationship serious if you have eventually find yourself in an unwanted situation like that.

Here are the 11 signs you will likely see in your relationship if it’s just for fun:

1. If your partner is hiding you from his friends and family.
You don’t know any of his friends and family and doesn’t want to know any of yours too, In a relationship that is going to a year or 2 years and you have willingly given permission to make love with you countless, you don’t even know how to resist him anymore. Anytime you talked about his friends or ask about his family he always give excuses and reasons you don’t need them in your relationship, even sometimes he can turn things like that into a serious argument. If your relationship is like this you are in a just for fun relationship don’t take it serious.

2. If your partner don’t give.
If he/she has nothing to offer than sex. If your partner can’t support you financially, emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually. He/she has nothing to gave but can collect. You are the one who always stand him/her, you are the only hope for him/her to survive whenever he/she is short of fund. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you don’t need anyone to tell you again that you are in a just for fun relationship don’t take it too serious.

3. If your partner can’t give you a good advice.
If your partner can’t give you good advice. Whenever you seek for his/her opinion on something you are about to do, the responses he/she will give you is to, “Go and do it anyhow you want”, “I don’t know”, “leave me”, “how is that my business or my problem?”, And lots more of some negative responses he/she can likely give. If you partner can’t advise you or motivate you to do something new, it means the relationship you are is Just for fun it doesn’t worth it staying.

4. If your partner is not proud of the relationship.
If your partner do not for once make you proud before his friend or family. The relationship has always been a secret despite many years you have spent together. If he/she keep forcing you to keep everything in the relationship secret between the both of you, stay smart your relationship might be just for fun.

5. If your partner finds it difficult to apologize.
You are always the one who will apologize after every misunderstanding in the relationship. He doesn’t accept anything to be his own fault because he always feels he is not doing anything wrong (Mr perfect.) Even when it’s most times cleared to him that he is wrong he won’t still accept to apologize and will always be proving himself right. Anyone who can not see apology as one of the major things that can make a relationship work is taking the relationship for fun.

6. If your partner is not saying anything about marriage.
He doesn’t want to hear anything about marriage. Any discussion on how he will be proposing you after 5-8 years in the relationship will piss him off. He never propose to you after many years in the relationship and it’s not because both of you don’t have good jobs or having sometimes doing that can sustain your family if you eventually get married. (Such a relationship is just for fun).

7. If your partner doesn’t give you Freedom to express.
You never for once feel free to express yourself with your partner due to the way he is harassing you even in the public, even sometimes it’s before his friends and relatives. He can talk to you anyhow and whenever you want to talk he doesn’t want to hear your own opinion because he feels your opinion is not always relevant or maybe he always make you feel you are not intelligent enough to advice him.

8. If your partner don’t care about your special days.
Your partner don’t care about your birthday, if you have married him; wedding anniversary, day of your graduate or when you added another degree and lots more. If your partner don’t surprise you at times and if you partner can’t congratulate you for any of your achievement, If you’re the only one who always remind your partner in anything you are doing. Just know that you are in just for fun relationship because your partner don’t just put you in mind. A good partner must see you as part of his/her her self and everything that concerns you must be his/her her priority.

9. If you are the only one doing the messaging and the calling.
He loves you according to his claims but you are the only one who is always doing the calling, messaging and even starting a chat with him most times. He has not for once remembered if you are existing until you call on his attention. It’s always difficult for him to say good morning, good afternoon, or good evening dear, I just want to be the first to greet you! He is always the one expecting you to do everything for him. (If you are in such relationship it’s just for the purpose of fun and nothing more).

10. If your partner doesn’t have plans.
No future plan for you and for the relationship but always want to have fun with you anytime he set his eye on you. Whenever you talk about his plans for you he does not have any relevant thing to say. If you ask where the relationship is heading to he always says, “he does not know or didn’t like talking about such a thing”, but want to always take you to a party, have, fun, have sex, and does not want to hear anything about marriage. If you ask when he is planning to get married he will say “I don’t even know yet everything in the hands of God”. It’s a lie he knows, only that he is taking advantage of you and doesn’t want anything from you than just the fun.

11. If only the reason your partner can treat you good is when it’s for social purposes.
He loves going to clubs and parties with you but aside that he doesn’t care to check on you to know how you are feeling for once. The only time he can give you time¬† in the relationship is when you are going to one ceremony or another with him because he always want to show you off just because of your beauty and after that he will says “I’m busy or I don’t have time”, and can even sometimes black you from calling or texting him because he is seeing you call as disturb.

Stop being a social girlfriend/boyfriend. Someone you are having in your life because you want to have fun, just check the type of relationship you are right now and be sure it’s not just for fun.

There are lots more to say concerning fun relationships that people finding them in nowadays, thinking they are in a good and healthy relationships. A good relationship will be good to at least 70%. (Give you peace of mind and never will a good relationship hurt you). Although no relationship is perfect but it will always impact your life positivly and will always make you feel there’s future in the relationship. if you are experiencing some of the things listed above in your relationship right now, don’t take the relationship serious because it’s just for fun purposes to your partner, the future of the relationship may be at stake.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.