22 Tips to Maintain True Friendships With Others

21 Tips to Maintain True Friendships With Others

Friendship is what will break if it’s not probably maintained. Maintenance of friendship can be quiet challenging if you don’t know the right way to treat our friends. Meeting the need of your friends financially or materially are not the only ways to keep good relationship with them.

Here are some few tips on how to keep our friendship healthy.

1. Be Reliable: Be there for your friends when they need you and follow through on your commitments, because commitment is the major thing that can strengthen our friendship, if you are not committed to the friendship, its won’t stand a test of time.

2. Show Respect: Treat your friends with kindness, understanding them, and respect them. Be their comforter, a true companion when no one is ready to stand for them.

3. Communicate Openly: Have honest and open conversations with your friends and encourage them to do the same. When you are both open and true with one another friendship will last long.

4.Be a Good Listener: Pay attention when your friends speak and show interest in what they have to say. Advice them if need be and don’t hesitate to tell them the truth because true friends will never lie to one another.

5. Be Very Supportive: Offer your support and encouragement to your friends in their endeavors. Just because they you around giving them support can be the main reason they won’t give up.

6. Share Quality Time: Spend meaningful time together and engage in activities you both enjoy. Do productive things together and don’t neglect the fun side of the friendship because fun will build your intimacy.

7. Be Understanding: Accept your friends’ flaws and differences, and be understanding in times of disagreement. Let forgiveness be the password of your friends. Without forgiveness friendship and love can not last.

8. Be Trustworthy: Keep your friends’ secrets and maintain their trust. If you can’t keep your friends secret, you should know that you are not worthy of being their friends.

9. Celebrate Their Success: Be genuinely happy for your friends’ achievements and celebrate their milestones. Their achievement should look like it’s your own achievement so that when the table turn they will gladly celebrate your success too.

10. Forgive and Apologize: Be willing to forgive and apologize when necessary, and encourage your friends to do the same. It’s very important in friendship because there’s no way you won’t have some misunderstandings.

11. Show Appreciation: Express gratitude for your friends and let them know they are valued. When you let people know how Good they are, they feel like doing more better.

12. Be transparent: people don’t trust what they don’t really know. Don’t forget the saying, “seeing is believing.”  You don’t expect them to trust what they know nothing about. Be very transparent with your friends so that they can trust your ways.

13. Be The Loyal One: Stand up for your friends and support them, even in challenging situations. Stay as a strong pillar for your friends when they are about loosing it. Be their backbone when their is no one to support them again.

14. Stay Connected: Maintain regular contact, whether through phone calls, texts, or social media. Be their gist partner, be the one who give them lastest updates about things they don’t really know.

15. Be Empathetic: Show empathy towards your friends’ feelings and experiences. Don’t fake feelings for your friends, be sincere with the ways you show emotions.

16. Be Non-Judgmental: Avoid judgment and be accepting of your friends’ choices and decisions and come clear to them when you can’t accept some of their choices, don’t pretend to accept things that is not confident for you to do and don’t judge some of their actions if you don’t like it let them know immediately.

17. Offer Help: Be ready to lend a hand or provide assistance when your friends are in need. A true friend is a friend that meet the need of other friends when they are in serious need.

18. Maintain Boundaries: Respect your own boundaries and the boundaries of your friends. Don’t do what they don’t like to them and don’t let them do those things you didn’t like to you. Know your boundaries and theirs too.

19. Be Yourself: Be authentic, be real and true to yourself in your friendships. Let your yes be yes! and let your no be no!

20. Have Fun Together: Share laughter, enjoy shared hobbies, and create positive memories always.

21. Accept Imperfections: Understand that no friendship is perfect and be willing to work through challenges.

22. Do Things in Common: Good friends have some quality things in common. They share things with one another like: cloths, food, conversation and lots more. It’s the more you do things in common the deeper the love.

Remember, true friendship requires effort and mutual care. By following these tips, you can nurture and maintain meaningful connections with others.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.