Real Reasons You Should Not be Too Quick to Quit a Relationship

Reasons You Should Not be Too Quick to Quit a Relationship

Real Reasons You Should Not be Too Quick to Quit a Relationship
Real Reasons You Should Not be Too Quick to Quit a Relationship

If you always have it in mind that quitting is the best solution to settle relationship issues, you won’t always see that there can be a lasting solution to your relationship problems and you won’t give it time. As they say, “A patient dog eat the fattest bone.”

You don’t have to quit a relationship because you see some bad behaviours in your partner; the truth is, we all are humans. No human is perfect and there is no human being without one attitude that others don’t like. We will keep managing ourselves till we get to understand ourselves better.

Reasons for most relationships issues at the early stage is commonly to be lack of understanding and if you are not patient enough you will quit a good relationship for slight issue you are suppose settle amicably.

If you keep on searching for a perfect person to marry, then you will keep searching forever and end up not getting married; this is because perfect person does not exist; person that has all the qualities you want does not exist. All you need to do is to correct your partner with love.

When you observe some characters you don’t like in your partner, do not quit the relationship instantly, rather, correct him or her; counsel him or her or even seek professional advise if necessary.

Do not expect your partner to change immediately after you corrected him or her. Give him or her some time to change gradually; change is a slow process. Be patient. This is mistake many people make when they notice an ugly behaviour in their partner, they quit the relationship without thinking twice.

It is very wrong. It doesn’t show maturity. Mature people don’t quit relationships like that; they give their partners time to change gradually and then tolerate each other but listen be patient for him or her to change if you notice they really want to change.

Please I want you to understand something “you can’t change your lover, if your lover doesn’t want to change” so be careful when being patient and waiting for who doesn’t want to change to change. You can’t change him or her if he/she doesn’t want to change, only them can change themselves.

I didn’t said you should go and die in bad relationship, remember ” you can’t change your lover, if your lover doesn’t want to change” some relationship need letting go especially in dating. Not waiting and loving a fool who keep cheating to change whereby he or she doesn’t want to change.

Sometimes some people can’t change that’s the fact unless they want to change. (Marriage can’t even change them) Don’t believe in marriage they will change, they won’t.

5 Reasons you should not be too fast to quit your relationship:

1. Rushing to quit a relationship may lead to regretting your decision later on. By not taking the time to evaluate and understand your feelings, you might make a hasty decision based on temporary emotions or external pressures.

2. Relationships go through ups and downs. It’s important to remember that no relationship is perfect, and conflicts and challenges are common. By being too quick to quit, you might miss the opportunity to work through difficulties and grow stronger as a couple.

3. Communication is key in any relationship. If you quit too fast, you might miss the chance to openly discuss your concerns, feelings, and potential solutions to problems. Honest conversations and willingness to compromise can often resolve issues that initially seem irreconcilable.

4. Relationships require effort and commitment. Giving up too easily might prevent you from experiencing the growth, personal development, and long-term happiness that can come from navigating challenges together.

5. Time invested. When you thinking about the time you have invested in the relationship, you won’t want to quit the relationship without achieving anything from it. I believe the aim of everyone that is into a relationship is to end up in marriage, if you have quit the relationship because of little misunderstanding that you are having, how will it end up to marriage? Let marriage be the goal of your relationship with that to just quit a relationship will be very difficult for you.

After reading this piece of advice I believe that it should stop you from quitting that your relationship endeavor to share with friends and family.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.