Effective Ways To Handle A Long Distance Relationship

Effective Ways To Handle A Long Distance Relationship

First of all what is distance Relationship?

“Distance relationships is a Relationship you are into that your boyfriend/girlfriend is not staying where you are staying.”

We have realized that all or most relationships will experience distance in their Relationships at a time due to education, job, change of environment and lots more.

Even if you are dating or in a relationship with your next door neighbor, you must experience at least a bit of distance at a time in your relationship. Sometimes:

Base on further studies.

Base on work.

Base on tour/visitation.

Base on total change of environment and lots more.

Everyone will experience distance in their relationships no matter how short the distance could be. In our research here, we have draw a conclusion that “distance is a great test of love that most people fail at any point in time in their relationships unknowingly for them most times it is due to their ignorance”

(This article will educate us very well on the effective ways to handle distance in our relationships)

Some you might have get married or about getting marry but your husband/spouse may have the intention of going for further studies before he comes back the wife may has been going out with another man. (Visa Versa) there are lots of cases like that nowadays.

So what can you do when your Relationship is experiencing distance?

There might be lots of argument when relationship your suddenly start experiencing distance. Some questions like: Why don’t you pick my calls? why can’t you reply the text I sent to you earlier? where are you right now I’m hearing some underground noise where you are you sure you are at home? Obviously some insecurity questions might frequently be occurring times without numbers in the relationship because everything in life when change is applied to it, it’s not always a easy task at all it will definitely change many things alone side..

What you need to do to keep your Relationship to avoid cheating and  unnecessary breakup are as follows when your relationship is distance one:

1. Be more transparent.

What does it mean to be transparent? To be transparent means making sure you clear all the doubts of your partner. Don’t let him/her guess too much before he/she knows what you are doing, give full details of everything you are doing at any point in time if he/she cares to know, and make sure all you are saying is true because if your partner finds out you are lying to him/her, it might lead to the end of trust in such a relationship.

2. Abstain from lies.

No matter how difficult it’s to say the truth don’t lie to your partner because if you are caught it can lead him/her to have trust issue or it can lead to total breakup at times.

3. Let your communication be good and always effective.

On a Contrary, communication is like the engine room of all relationships, without good communication relationships can never move forward. Through our conversation we alwaays show our partners love, affection and we make our intentions known to our partners.  Communicating can be in any forms, text, call, sign language, gift, cash and lots more… just make sure your partner is hearing from you all the times that is all. Don’t say what you can not do and don’t promise it when you know it will be impossible for you to fulfill your promise.

4. Avoid keeping unnecessary friends.

Face what you are there to do squarely don’t procrastinate. Too much of closeness with others especially opposite se× can detach you from your partner so who you can not date it is best to make it clear to the person, don’t keep people for just friends when you know they have intentions of being in a relationship with you, let them go if you don’t want to date them, I can’t date you is I can’t date you, you don’t need to keep them as friends wasting their time, it can also affect your relationship because you may not know when you start acting to your own partner because of your new friend and it can cause you to start doing friends of benefits with your new friend. (love and affection grows through our intimacy with others so it is best to stay away from who you don’t want in your life to avoid had i know.)

5. Seek permission and advice from your partner.

You are not around him doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to call him to tell him about your day, your life and everything you are passing through where you’re, narrat everything to him and let him advice you.. vise Versa, that build love and trust alot in relationship, also ask for his/her permission before you do anything, if he/she is not in support don’t make the move it may not be necessary to doing it.

6. Avoid third party intruding into your Relationship affairs.

When you always tell friends about your misunderstanding and argument, they will definitely mislead you… you should be able to settle things withing yourselves as lovers without anyone knowing about it expect if you have a counselor. In distance relationships there are lots of argument, base on your level of calling and lots more, you need to understand that and take note to be able to control your level of anger where things you are not expecting is happening in your relationship.

7. Respect and loyalty is much needed  relationship and marriage.

Distance shouldn’t affect your loyalty to him/her. If you are always cutting calls on him/her, he/she called your phone it was on waiting or busy and you can’t give a better explanation you are gradually breaking your relationship by so doing and if you give too much of excuses also. If things like that is happening it means there’s no loyalty and no respect which is one of the major reasons for cheating in all  Relationships.. who is not picking calls is likely cheating on you that is everyone believe in relationship, doing that you are also giving your partner the chance to cheat on you wherever he/she is because the moment you are confusing him/her about you the relationship love start diminishing and he/she start thinking otherwise or having second thoughts about you.

Thanks for reading.