Signs You Are Not Husband Material Which Might Be The Main Reason For Women Avoiding You.

Signs You Are Not Husband Material Which Might Be The Main Reason Women Having Being Avoiding You.

Have you ever wondered if you would make a great husband? You might just be wrong if all these things are true in your life.

There are some characters and behaviors that reduce your husband’s materiality by yards. Want to know what these are?

1. You don’t have much to off.

I’m sorry; poverty isn’t glamorous. Marriage is a fusion of finances, and you need to have something to offer, and so does she. You don’t want to bring a woman into your suffering. I am not saying you should be at the peak of your career and be a millionaire, but you must have enough for both you and your children if that eventually happens.
Finances are what cause the most stress in most marriages, so don’t kill yourself before your time by getting married when you are broke.

2. You are a poor cook.

Cooking is a life skill. What do you mean you don’t know how to parboil rice? What do you mean by how is Melons soup made? You don’t even have the idea of how to cook, you need to learn before you get married so that your your marriage will be romance when you feel like surprising your wife with cooking.  Watch YouTube videos to know how to cook. Knowing how to add to your respect as a man and can spice your relationship. You need to know that even if your wife loves to cook, there are emergency situations when you need to know how to cook. What happens when she is sick? Or maybe she travelled leaving the children with you? What if you can’t order fast enough or restaurants haven’t opened yet or are close? Some people say this can easily be solved by having a cook or a chef. Well, hopefully, you are as rich as you hope you will become.

3. You can’t clean.

A wife is not a maid. Learn to clean up yourself, clean your house, and continue to do so after getting married. If you find it difficult to do the little chores, if you keep your kitchen sink and all the kitchen environment full of dirty plates, if you don’t clean your toilet or do your laundry, you shouldn’t be bringing another woman into that mess because you are getting a wife and not a maid. Clean up bro!

4. You are addict.

No woman will love to stay with you if you are a Se× addict or alcohol addict. The moment you see a pretty Lady you can’t control yourself again, looking at Bottle of beer you will want to seep it. No Sane woman will love to be with such a Man. Learn to control yourself from doing excess things.

Anyone addicted to attention and external validation shouldn’t be getting married. If you feel some sort of validation when a pretty woman talks to you and wants to be with you, perhaps you shouldn’t be getting married because once that ring enters your fingers, you will be seeing fine women everywhere.

5. You can’t control your anger and emotions.

What do you do when you are angry? Frustrated? Or irritated? Do you shout? Do you hit things? Do you punish them with silence? You need to know how to control your anger and your irritation because, in fact, women can be annoying, and no one will test your patience more than your wife. That is all.

Stay safe and make others around you safe too.