How Do You Know You Are In Love With Someone And How Do You Know A Certain Person Truly Love You

How Do You Know You Are In Love With Someone And How Do You Know A Certain Person Truly Love You

Love: if you are in love you will realize you are naturally attracted to the person perfecting without anything physically drawing you closer to him/her like beauty, asset and more.

For example:
You said you love a Lady but you don’t want to see stretch mark on her body, you love a lady but it’s only when she wear’s her sexy and beautiful gowns you will love her or show her affection. you love a lady but her accent is local to you when she speaks so for this reason you don’t like that her local accent so for that reason you started ignoring her or you because his/her parent is so wealthy that is why you always admire him/her showing him/her affection.

  • When you love someone, you will not count his/her weakness or deficiency as big deal, not because he/she has a perfect shape/curve and a beautiful face.
  • When you realize you keep on admiring her even when she doesn’t have those things you are initially looking forward to see in a woman
  • For some you will believe you are so in love but when the person you love is sick or in a bad condition, he/she just don’t like to see him/her at all until the person recover’s from the sickness or their bad situations. Love should take no matter the condition we find our selves we always need to endure with our love ones. I’m always for you and you will always be for me.
  • When you love someone he or she will look perfect to you even when people are trying to condemn or making you see some reasons to make the person not to look perfect to you, telling you something like “hope you are not blind, can’t you see this or that in him/her attitude? Even with her scars you will not care.
  • When you don’t look into the person’s deficiency or bad side of life, instead you keep on trying to improve the person’s life. You will totally go against people’s popular opinion for the person you love.
  • When someone loves you, it will be obvious even your body system will know that this particular person is real to me, but at times love is crazy because people we love are not those that will really loves us in return.
  • If someone loves you, the person will be sincere with you in all ways; no cheating, no lie, no hiding, he or she has nothing to hide even when they do things that is bad to you, he or she will always say the truth to your face even when he/she knows that the truth can hurt your feelings for them. he/she will be afraid of losing you always.
  • The person will be faithful in all ways, make you feel like the best always.
  • The person will be so passionate about you and proud of you anywhere and always.
  • The person will be so transparent and real all the times.
  • The person will always want to be around you, miss you so much at times and because of little distance he/she might go emotional to show you how passionate they are about your love, may sometimes go emotional, feeling your pains like yourself can feel it.
  • The person will make you priority not an option that you will know it’s obvious I’m his/her priority, can’t even joke with me at all.

People can pretend to love you because of what they want to gain from you and the love begins to fade away as times flies. It will be obvious that that particular person is pretending to love you. Unfortunately you might have fall a victim and have lost some valuable things to him/her. Falling a victim of some bad circumstances before you get to know he/she don’t came for love but to steal some valuable things from like your body and more. They might have se× with you or might have acquired some of your valuable properties the way they have planned it before you get to realize who they are.

When someone loves you, it won’t be hidden cos love is not something we can hide… but most times ladies ignored those who loves them so much and will deliberately go for who they like keeping their true lovers in friend zone. At the end when those people toyed with their feelings. This has made some Ladies generalize it that all guys are heartless and wicked. Guys are scum, just tell me how? guys are not wicked it’s just that they don’t love you when you thought they do and guys love taking advantage of ladies that they get free. Falling in love with a wrong is worse than going to tell at times. You need to know that most guys hardly say NO! to any lady try to propose them, they take any offer coming freely to them when it comes to having free se×.

So it’s better to answer the call of love not the call of your own interest at the point of choosing who to love if you want to have a safe relationship and marriage go for people that you love but love you more.