Benefit of Friendship You need to know that having good friends that truly love and care about you is one of the greatest gift and a blessing for anyone who is aspiring for something great in life. I will define my own friendship as a powerful weapon or tools that can tackle, poverty, backwardness, at times, failure and lots more for everyone. Why did I define it that way? Would you ever believe that what your family may not think or have in plans to do for you, if you have a good friends they can do it? Many people who has a paying jobs, good and flourishing businesses, or maybe you have learnt some skills. Majority of those things can not be from your family but friends. Can your business associates be your family members? well, it's possible at times but not on all usual occasion. If you have learnt any still from your family before reading this article please just drop your comment in the comment section with your evidence and I will reward you with something nice. Family hardly do businesses together but more often good friends does that always and better. There are levels to family and background helps... but there is an unlimited connection between friends that can make tham understands each other better than family at times. Do you know that those things you can share with friends you may not be able to share it with family at times? Have you noticed that you are always free to tell your friends things that you can't even table before your own partner? Don't joke with friendship bond it can be strong if you are sincere with one one another. Friends can help your life grow faster than you think. Always treat everyone you meet good. Either it's casual or any which way just make sure you are saving them in your life because they might have one good purpose to serve in your life one day. Appreciate people. I will always say this because some people, their first link up to success or a way to catapult into their comfort zone might be through their friends. Value your friends. I don't say you should not value your family more but don't neglect who has been there for you as friends and who never give up on you for once. Good friends can take you go far while some families won't do more than just sending you to school and end it there. Do you know your friends can have the connection your family may not have at times? That is why you have to value them always. They can help you get to the places you have always dream for. NB: If you have a good friend he/she will not compete with you but will want you get better as he/she is working towards getting better too. Friendship is powerful. Even than the people you chose to love at times. (Friendship is like the combination of love and so many other things added, like: value, kindness, respect, loyalty, commitment and more) it's only just love that is there that is why you see some people can lose their wife or husband because they decided to follow another man or woman who has better offer for them but a good friend can't push you out because the offer is not coming as he/she is expecting from you. Stop taking advantage of the good hearts friends. If you have a friend who is willing to help you, please grab the opportunity and don't start demanding for financial help only instead of finding a way they can teach you how to make your own money. Some people might be taking the advantage to be a liability to their friends. Those who are lazy will feeling like I won't do anything since my friend is always there for me. Friendship won't work or last that way if you are not willing to be yourself. Once your friend start seeing you as parasite, they will start neglecting you. Mind me I'm not trying to do comparison here but all I'm saying is value your family and also your friends because they can take you far or make you fall.

Benefits of Friendship

Benefits of Friendship You need to know that having good friends that truly love and care about you is one of the greatest gift and a blessing for anyone who is aspiring for something great […]