Problems Attached To Using Social Media In Your Relationship And How To Avoid Them

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I will like to start on the importance of communication in a relationship.

Communication is the mechanism that propel a relationship. Without good communication, relationships can not hold.

If you want your relationship to stand firm, communication is one of the major things to focus on to strengthen your relationship.
In this writeup I’m going to taking a good look at social media as a means of communication in nowadays relationships.

Advantages of social media in your relationship relationship

Its connect you to your spouse anytime.

You don’t need to stress yourself too much writing letter like before. You can be connected to your partner anywhere he or she is, through messenger or chat applications. like whatsapp for example, Facebook and lots more.

Seeing him or her physically is now possible and made easy this days with the help of online video call incorporated with your chat messenger. Life really made easy with d help of social media.

Long distance relationship can connect easily

Distance between you and your love is now short with the help of social media. Unlike before that there is no means of seeing any one who traveled abroad but nowadays you can always give them a video call.

The only problem there now is that you can’t torch him or her physically but you can see anytime you wish to see with your video call. Distance is no more a barrier in love.

It saves time and reduce your expenses

You don’t need to travel to where your partner is before you can give him or her good information.

The cost of traveling is greatly reduce in your expenses. All that is needed is to subscribe data on your mobile phone to keep you on the internet when ever your love one is willing to meet you.

Its gives rest of mind and assure you of the movement of your spouse.

You don’t have to worry much before you know the movement of your parent. It’s easy to communicate or to ask whereabout of your partner.

Disadvantages of media in your relationship

It give room for fake life.

Lies and fake life is very easy using social media. You can be poor and pretend to be rich on social media. You can borrow cloth, cars and lots more to fake others on social media who don’t really know you.

There is room for cheating one other.

Once no one knows who you are chatting privately in your inbox. Freedom of adding and chatting anyone contributed greatly to the reason many people have lots of girlfriend/boyfriend and some undeclared relationships. Undercover relationships cheating allowed on social media.

There is room for unnecessary fighting

Comments and open greetings commonly cause argument among lovers using social media.

For example: A lover boy commented to his friend’s picture on Facebook, addressing her like they are in relationship. It will definitely cause commotion or argument in the relationship.

Second way unnecessary fighting comes in.

For example: if your partner finds out that you have been online, even if it’s that you on the data mistakenly. He will still question you for not responding to his chatting.

Questions like:

Who are you chatting?
Why can’t you reply my chat and you have been online since?

Lots of issues can arise from it.

There is room for unnecessary talk and unwanted conversations.

Things you are not suppose to say because you have too much time you will say it and sometimes it can lead to unnecessary argument too.

You will be forced to talk about unnecessary things when you are free and have no reasonable topic to discussion about.

Problem attracted to social media in your relationship and how to go about it

One of the biggest problem is too much unnecessary talk if you don’t have self-control.

There will be unnecessary conversation which can lead to unnecessary fights.

Most things you are not expected to say, you will be forced to say it if you give too much time to chatting.

Learn to manage your time on social media. Don’t use all of it for chatting to avoid unnecessary fighting in your relationship.

The list below can also break the trust in your relationship by using social media as a means of communication

  • Don’t keep secrets of your passwords with your love one’s.
  • Don’t be too frequent online when you know your parent is not with you online.
  • Take excuse from your partner when you want to leave his or her chat to chat others.
  • Let there be vivid clarity between love and friendship. Don’t display people you are not in a relationship with to oppress your partner.
  • Your best friend should be your partner don’t have any close friends online expect he or she is your partner.
  • Avoid chatting when you are what your partner. Give him or her the respect of the time he or she is with you. Don’t use the time you are suppose to give him or her online. it’s very Wrong.
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