22 Categories Of Guys You shouldn’t Attempt To Marry if you want peaceful home

Written by Lovelife
  1. A guy who has no ambition (a guy who can’t figure out what he wanted to become) a dreamless Guy.
  2. A guy who loves sex more than he cares for you.
  3. A guy who can’t surprise you. With money, cares and protection.
  4. A guy who is not proud of having you in his life.
  5. A guy who value work more than he value you.
  6. A guy who womanize but always but can promise you heaven and earth that he will still change.
  7. A guy who commonly beat mostly before marriage.
  8. A guy who can never support your dream but can demand from your achievement.
  9. A guy who put female friends above you relationship.
  10. A guy who believes in giving you money instead of care and loving you.
  11. A guy who don’t care to insult you in d presence of friends or his family.
  12. A guy that can’t control his emotions during anger, hunger or arguments.
  13. An aggressive or someone who is temperamental is not good for you.
  14. A guy who who is addicted to smoking weed or hard drugs.
  15. Ungodly guys is not good for marriage.
  16. A guy who keep bad friends.
  17. A guy who believes in making money than you.
  18. A guy who can not be a counselor or an adviser to your life.
  19. A guy who spends much time on social life and silly things than he is spending with you.
  20. A guy who can’t take your parent like his own.
  21. A guy who didn’t have self control.
  22. A guy who is not active sexually.

Being in a relationship is good but when you don’t take note of some simple things that can eventually affect you marriage, being in a relationship becomes a waste of time.

Study your relationship carefully before you jump into conclusion of getting married.

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