16 Categories Of Ladies You shouldn’t Attempt To Marry if you want peaceful home

Written by Lovelife
  1. A lady who can’t plan better future with you or contribute idea when you are planning a better future.
  2. A lady who can’t pray for hours because she wants you better.
  3. A lady who can’t risk anything to sustain your relationship or for the growth of your relationship.
  4. A lady who is too demanding.
  5. A lady who believes you have to do everything for her 100% or a lady who is not ready to work.
  6. A lady who keep too much friends outside her relationship.
  7. A lady who commonly told you there are certain conditions or reasons for dating you.
    for example: “I wouldn’t have dated you if not your sister who didn’t let me rest because of you”
  8. A lady who feels you are less important that she can still find better person than you.
  9. A lady who loves money better than she loves you.
  10. A lady that didn’t want you have a mother or parent alive.
  11. A lady who can’t give out.
  12. A lady who keeps too much secrets.
  13. A lady that can’t cook good meal.
  14. A lady who believes in third party to settle your relationship issues.
  15. A lady who can’t take to corrections.
  16. A lady you always beg when you want to have sex.

Being in a relationship is good but when you don’t take note of some simple things that can eventually affect you marriage, being in a relationship becomes a waste of time.

Study your relationship carefully before you jump into conclusion of getting married.

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