Your Decision Is You

Written by Lovelife

I have come to realize by experience that men are the product of their decisions. When we were young, we look like our parents, but now that we are matured, we look like our decisions because the decisions you make will end up making you. Many people have complained about their past which I was once a victim, but really, dwelling in the past will not amount to any progress. You might want to erase all your past wrongs, but why don’t you write your future in a new sheet?

One of the power of decision is that it has a miraculous way of changing one’s destiny, because your decision will always shape the direction of your efforts. I have decided to be me even when no one is paying attention to me. I have make up my mind to always respect my opinion first before others talk theirs into me and that has helped me a lot in life and in my career.
I so much believe if your decision is so much strong, men will one day pay price to watch you. Hear this potential parents. You don’t tell a child you can’t or you aren’t fit enough. The problem of mankind is that we are too familiar with the word “impossible” Your good decision makes you stand out among the rest.

Plan on something new, choose to be different, be productive and endeavor to encourage yourself to be stronger even when the road is too rough to move on, when no one is there to help you out, try to encourage yourself to keep on moving. In your own little way, always try to inspire others, let them feel strong because you are there to encourage them to be strong on their own without the help of others and do all you can to give out if you have in excess.

You need to be contented with whatever you have and never believe it’s impossible no matter the condition you find yourself, believe I’m me no matter what and I have chosen to be me no matter what. Have always a very positive mind towards everything you do. Impossible means to me: its must be possible. So give everything you do all your best so that you can be the best. Always be positive to everything you do in life, it’s one great key to open the door of success for you in life.

You see, there is always a need to scrutinize the people you listen to some times, your path needs to keep getting narrower because narrow is the way. You are responsible for yourself and that’s why I said you are your decisions. Seek sincere advice, but never allow anyone to talk you down because whatever course a man decide upon, there’s always people (some times sincere people) to tell you you are wrong. I call you productive. I say you can. Shine the light you carry to the world!!!

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