5 Most Common Reasons Guys Pull Away Their Ladies In Relationships

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Can you tell me why men pull away? This is one of the most common questions I heard in my coaching sessions. So why do they pull away? In this article, I am going to walk you through different scenarios that can shed light on why this may be happening to you and give you a different perspective to reflect on and make this stop once and for all. This is a common trend in today’s society, and if you have landed on this article, I know that you have probably been directly affected by it or are afraid of experiencing this with someone you’re interested in.

Men commonly lose their Initial interest in their women because they no longer can see points of admires in them again, maybe because she stop doing something they are use to and lots more you will get to know below.

1. Given yourself cheap to him when he want sex from you.

Sex before marriage devalue you respect most times and makes you lose most guys you love because not all guys is ready to wait after quick sex. There should be some standard or a stages you reach in a good relationship before you can allow sex in the relationship. Sometimes it’s advisable to get married before you allow sex. Starting a relationship with sex, it only give guy opportunity to use and dump you.  If they don’t achieve what they want which is sex most times they will be forced to stay at list to study who you really are. Love don’t grow once. The reason why most guys walk away from you after sex it’s because they seen what they want from you cheaply they might not be ready to hold you any longer or take time to study who you really are.

Always Show him you are not easy to catch, when it takes time for him to achieve (sex) he might value and respect your love and still wish to stay back instead of just walking away after the sex.

Most Men are not ready to stay all what they want most times is sex. Although it’s self decision and determination to stay or leave a relationship after sex like most people say. First impression last longer when you want to sustain a good relationship. Sometimes the way you handle and present yourself to a guy in a relationship determines.

2. When you stop doing the fanatic things he loves you doing.

You have always been the caring and loving type, you like dressing good and you know he loves that.
You are the kind that is ready to take to all corrections  when ever he correct you take to corrections. All of a sudden you changed and started doing silly mistakes and you are not ready to take advice or his corrections, it will definitely affect his interest and start pulling away gradually.

3 When you are always available when he needs  your attention.

You don’t have to be too simple for any guy to catch or being too easy. Sometimes you need to withdraw your attention and pretend you don’t care just to even know him better and to test your value. This is good sometimes, in every relationship, but apply wisdom when doing test of values, so that you will not mess up your good relationship.

4. When he notic you are giving the attention you expected  to give him to others.

Respect your partner for who he was, not because of his achievements or some other conditions you attached to love. You just need to respect him all the time and let him know that you do. “true love is all about respect.” Love him as much as he loves you and be committed to the relationship you are with all that you have.

Appreciate what you have and never believe others relationships is more better than yours. never let your man knows that you are placing others interest above theirs, men dislike this so much and it can break any relationship at any time.

5. When jealous takes over your original feelings and is interest in you is depreciating gradually.

Don’t be too jealous about other ladies you see with him. Try to know who they are before you react. Sometimes they might be business partners and just his common friends. Jealousy destroy good relationships if it’s too much for your partner to bear.

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