Say No To Suicide

Written by Lovelife

Depression only kills good impression. You can never be positive when you are seriously depress.

Depression will kill the value that is attach to the life you’re living now.

The importance of life is not living it perfect but it’s appreciating what you have got regardless of your standard, the color of your skin, your height, your shape/posture, your intelligence, your position. your condition at the moment or the worse situation you are passing through now, your health status that is bothering you, your physical appearance, your family background, your beliefs and so on.

It’s better to say NO! to that depression which always comes into your mind pushing you to end it all at once because of the bad situation you are going through. You might be depressed, rejected, neglected, inadequate, unsupported, unbelieved, underrate, not permitted, unwanted and lots more.

Maybe your major worry is that people Always look down on you or it’s looking like people don’t seems to appreciate or see good in you good efforts.

You always seems to see life like there’s no more blessings from above because it is too hard and difficult to go. But what gives you the assurance that when you take your life their is solve after?

How can suicide be the best solution to solve your problems?

Remember the journey ( sulcide ) you are about to embank on is a journey to forever land, where you don’t know you are forcing yourself to run to are you so sure that death is the best escape root to cure your problems?

Please Don’t waste your life no matter how worst it’s your situation. where you are going to there might be no opportunity for amendment or adjustment and your simply mistake will still be a painful regret in hell say no to the depression to day and be free from the bondage of death.


Love the your life even though life will not always give you all that you want. Sometimes you need to go down flat so that you can prepare yourself a perfect jump to the top. All you need is more efforts, prayers and belief in yourself to overcome depression.

No one is a mistake, never say you are a mistake because you can never be a mistake. You are where you are for a reason and a purpose. You are not a mistake erase that notion from your mind.

Many as been rejected, neglected or disowned by the people they loved or relate with but later they became a king in what they have know for good for example (Nelson Mandela was rejected, humiliated and was put in jail for 27 years in South Africa but later become a president in the same country he was humiliated and jailed. I took note of just one thing in him, until he achieved the freedom he has been fighting for he never give up. He died a hero and one of the best most valuable person that has ever live on Africa soil).

Believing committing suicide is the best solution is a big sign that you are a coward. A hero always love facing things hard. Face life no matter how challenging, frustrating, unpleasant it’s, no matter how worst your condition or situation looks like to you it can never be worst of all. You can only judge base on what is happening to you, don’t judge things you don’t see in others.

Dearest if you have just only a reason to die, you still have more than a thousands of reasons to live.

You might not believe this my saying now but all I know is that no matter how wealthy or rich, famous or noble you’re, still you’re not in anyway perfect. Everyone has their own challenges they are facing but until they tell you what they had gone through or still going through you don’t have to assume they are perfect or living a perfect life.

Say no! to that suicide because life is too beautiful than wasting the one you have already got.

Even if you don’t believe in miracle then you need to believe in change. No condition is permanent things can still change for better. Either you are rich or extremely poor, we all are one and without you and I the earth is just a vacuum or just an empty space. You are so valuable and important to this world no matter how little the importance you place on your own life please to take your life now.

Life is so good brother/sister say no to that suicide today!

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