Sometimes its worth you hold on

Written by Lovelife

Sometimes you have to think about those times you have displayed some actions you so much regretted.

It’s time for you to say I’m deeply sorry for all the wrongs done.

you have to be sober and feel deeply sorry for your mistakes mostly those ones you can never go back to adjust that has happened in the past especially in relationships and those you have made in life.

Did you know that life is where you can’t survive without fail?

You also needed others who will help you to survive.

Stay way from ego it can stop you from getting to the top because those that are expected to lift you up will have leave you behind because of your ego and pride. The moment people see that you are full of ego they will neglect you for who you are.

You are worth being close to anyone regardless of who they are or who you think they are. Don’t base your life on I’m better than him and I’m better than her we are all equals before God almighty even clergies are human being like you before God.

Don’t ever think you are better than anyone the moment you start thinking like this the more you are preparing your downfall just give you thanks to God for who you are and praise him for what so ever you have achieved with that you will be more better than who you yesterday.

GET involve in activities that will make you think nicely its good to think over what you lost and some you have gained… But to think when you are sad it’s the waste damage you can do to yourself which can make you hypertensive.

GET involve in activities that will also make you happy…. Happiness is one key to life. Sorrow only depreciate your worth and makes your face look so unfriendly, ugly and your action will be so negative to others as well.

you never can tell what tomorrow will bring be happy make good friends not just a friend but someone who can do anything to make you better than the way they first met you.

It’s best for you to hold on and think again you just have to:

  • Reset and adjust your past mistakes.
  • Restart when you still have the strength and time.
  • Redirect your ways.
  • Respect others.
  • Regret and never relent because you can never be perfect all the time.
  • Accept yourself to be who you are.
  • Until you Accomplish your mission to build the mansion don’t stop thinking better days ahead.
  • Get yourself involve don’t be alone or do it alone sharing from others knowledge makes you better.

You are better now when you take all these steps above

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