12 Tips To Discover Your Hidden Talents and Utilize them

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How To Discover Your Talents or how to discover yourself:

Talent or gift: is a marked natural ability or skill.

Talent is a natural inbuilt skill or ability someone has that others might not have or have theirs in a different form.

The bitter truth is that not everyone is talented and some has more than one talents.

how will you know you are talented?

Talent make difficult things easy for you to do. The number one thing to know your talent is to take note of what is easy for you to do when others are struggling to do it. you have understood the scope of how to overcome a great challenge. When other are finding it difficult you will be finding it easy even before you are trained on how to do it.

  • For example: He has a real talent for drawing. That means he can draw easily when no one direct him on how to do it, although it might not look perfect but it will be obvious that if he is well train he will do it perfectly and more professional.

1. First of all you need to open your mind to all paths. Because you are likely blind to what some of your talents really are, a good place to start when evaluating your talents is to just open your mind to the possibilities. Keep in mind that talents extend beyond just playing the guitar or dancing like a pro. Talents come in all shapes and sizes and extend into many areas of life.

  • For example, being able to read emotions very accurately is a very useful talent.

2. Listen to what others often talk about you when you are trying to get new things done. You may be clueless about your talent, but your friends aren’t. So ask them. People around you usually know what your talents are, even when you don’t, because when they need something done well—you’re the one they’re always asking, or sending their friends to. Have you ever wondered why everyone wants you to help them negotiate that new car deal? Or help them with repairing their credit, or fixing their car? If you think about it, people have likely been telling you that you are good at something for a long time. You just weren’t listening. Now is the time to listen!

  • For example, whenever there is debate in your class you always came first in the class debates and you are always commended for being a good speaker.

3. What comes easily to you? Are there things that you find really easy or obvious to do, while others may struggle or muddle their way through? If you have things that you find super easy, you assume they’re easy for everyone. They’re almost always not. Just because you believe that they should be just as easy, or obvious, for others, that’s not how it works. In this scenario, they struggle while you stand there feeling like it was a cakewalk! If that’s you, chances are that’s a talent.

4. What you enjoy doing most. Your talents may be demonstrating itself in other ways. For examples, are there magazine topics that you just can’t get enough of? Are there shows you love? Think about what it is that you love to do most when you have free time. If you are drawn towards it, fascinated by it, and enjoy playing with, exploring or practicing it, it’s a natural talent.

5. Take classes in subjects that interest you. If there’s a subject that interests you and you think you might want to develop it into a talent, consider taking a class. Getting more information and finding out what the experience would really be like can tell you if it’s really something you could have a talent for. It also will help you get the basic skills needed to start developing your talent if you decide it’s something that you want to do.

  • You can take online classes for free from websites like Coursera and University of the People, if you don’t have access to education resources. If you do have money and time to devote to a class though, try your local community and technical colleges, as well as your local community center.

6. Is there any subject or skill that you love doing or talk about, often to the point that your friends knows you for being good at it. Is there a specific subject that you love to talk about or a particular skills you love doing, often to the point that your friends speak like they envy you because of it? Consider the subject, perhaps it may be one of your hidden talents or is connected to one.

  • For examples, John you love singing and dancing even in class, how I wish I can sing and dance like you always do.
  • You love reading Biology and you always be the one who lead us in class, I hope you will study medicine?

7. Ask from people around you what they honestly observe in you. Ask everyone you know who is willing to give you an honest assessment about what they think your talents are. Ask them to, for the moment, ignore your bad habits and have them share the one or two things that they think you are hands down most talented at. Ask a lot of people who know you, but always ask them one-on-one. Compile the results, take time to write it down, There is your hidden talent!

8. Take deep thinking on your successful moments in life and those times you failed. Look back on your life and think about times where you really succeeded and the times you failed, times where you felt about to burst with the pride of your success and what you failed at might not be what you are good at doing. This can indicate a talent you possess.

  • For example, maybe you helped your boss rearrange and reorganize his office and helped things at your work run so much more smoothly. Organization is a very useful talent. In other way round, you wish to do it but you can not do it perfectly it might be because it’s not you talent.

9. Try things you would never have tried before. Sometimes you may tell yourself that you can’t do things, but you will never know what you are capable of unless you go outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you think you’re not good enough or not smart enough. Most often you see yourself as “not that kind of person.” However, you don’t know you’re that kind of person until you start becoming that person. You have to give life a chance to surprise you. You’re much more incredible and interesting than you give yourself credit for. Take a risk and try something totally different than anything you’ve ever tried before.

  • For example, try rock climbing or scuba diving. Write a book. Start a business. These kinds of things take work but for many, they are at the very essence of who they are.
  • It’s a good idea to try to factor in things you already know you can do. For example, say you know that you like hanging out with little kids. From this you can say that you probably have a fun, easy-going nature. This means you might excel at work with animals, which is similar and requires some of the same underlying traits.

10. Try to build on your existing skills. You probably already have some basic skills. Any skill that you possess can be turned into a real talent, but you need to take the time to develop it and really work on experiencing all of the different activities that go in to that talent. You might have experienced only a small aspect of a possible talent and you will need to experience much more if you really want to cultivate it.

  • For example, let’s say that you’re pretty good at interior design. You certainly made your room looks pretty nice. Well, try developing that skill into a full talent. Study up on interior design, mess around with computer programs for interior design, and cultivate an awesome Pinterest. By investing in this skill and exploring it further, you can develop your minor skill into a talent.

11. Take on challenges. When you have to struggle, when you’re removed from your usual comfortable environment, is when you learn the most about yourself. When you shut yourself off to challenges by just sticking to a quiet life and never leaving the house, or even backing out when times get tough or running from your problems, you deny yourself the chance to shine. Let challenges happen, try to tackle your problems, and get out and live life a bit more so that you have the chance to conquer challenges that you encounter.

  • For example, your grandma might get sick and need help. Try helping her out. You might find that you’re really good at connecting with and helping the elderly.

12. Travel to expand your experiences. Traveling is one of the most impactful experiences you can have. It will challenge you and teach you more about yourself than you thought possible. However, you can’t just take the easy route and go on a cruise or guided trip. Go on your own. Go somewhere different from anywhere you’ve ever been. Immerse yourself in the experience. Try new things. You’ll find yourself struggling in some areas but you’ll also find that there are other activities that you can do with ease or that make you really happy.

  • Traveling can seem expensive but it really depends on where you go, when, and what you do. It doesn’t have to be an expensive experience. You can also travel a little more close to home and get the same sort of benefits. For example, if you’re from the Africa try to visit some areas around you haven’t been to, if you are from Nigeria try going out into the western African countries around you and if you’re from the US, try going out into the Canadian countryside or a backpacking trip in Mexico.

Conclusion and Advice on how to make use of talents

Many has the talent for games, writing, singing drawing and more. He/she can play football, basketball, volleyball, sing, dance, write, act, run, draw and lots more. These are all inbuilt abilities or skills and very good examples of talents but it’s possible you learn how to do all these things but to be as good as someone who is naturally talented will not be as easy as you think. You have to keep on trying and your commitment to things you do will make you feel among the talented peoples.

There’s a saying practice makes perfect. You can learn how to do it when you engage yourself in constant practicing, in sport or all other skills but if talented people are doing the same training with you they will always be ahead of you because they already have some inbuilt knowledge about it so training them more can make them more perfect than normal. You can only practice what you have learnt but a talented person will practice what he already has inside him naturally without anyone training him and for him or her getting additional training it will be easy for him or her to becomes an expert in a short period of time, obviously can be seen as a genius.

Discover yourself, by trying to study what is easy for you to do without doing much trainings or anyone aiding you towards achieving it. Can you jump better than your friends? can you speak better in a debate? Can you swim better than your friends? Are you good in writing? Are you a fast runer? talents are of different kinds it’s possible you have more than one in you. Take time to study yourself and be it. Build yourself to do what you know you are good at doing and your commitment to it makes you a genius. Take note of what you find easy to do that others can’t do easily and keep on doing it.

Note: being talented doesn’t make you automatic expert. It is after practicing more you get better. Talented people also fail too but their ability of not give up makes them successful.

If you discover yourself to be someone with no ability it doesn’t mean you are a failure in life it means you are a genius in everything. All you need to do is to do what you love doing and with time you will be known for what you love doing. talents don’t guarantee you success but your full commitment to what you do makes you glow!

A lot of people in histories move from zero to hero because they don’t give up and they have passion for what they do even when they understand they have zero or low ability but they are so committed to it. Commitment and focus make one succeed. Talent is just a gift not everyone will utilize the gift in life some will waste away, try to discover yours and make good use of it. Talent can only aid you towards achieving it but it doesn’t grantee you success. Stay committed to what you do and be passionate in you career.

Simple and great key to success is not the talent… It’s just “love for what you do” when you keep loving what you do you will always be passionate towards achieving it all the time.


“To be great in life you don’t need more of talents you need more of commitment and passion”

“A talented person is naturally 5% ahead of everyone but a passionate person is 95% ahead”

“There is ability in disability” ( if you are disabled it doesn’t mean you’re not talented ) don’t look down on yourself regardless of whom you are or who you think you are able/disable.

Learn to do it not because you have the talent but because you are in love with things you do.

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