Simple Ways To Become A Submissive House Wife

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Simple Ways To Become A Submissive House Wife.

If a particular home is peaceful, the woman of the house should be praised.

Submission in marriage today, has become an olden days tale especially in this era of “feminism” where women are now claiming same level with men in the society even at homes and that is why there are lots of seperated homes all around because of disobedience and lack of humility from the wife forgetting all the promises made during the “yes I do” such as I will respect you because you are the head.

For any woman who craves for a peaceful home, being submissive to your man is very paramount.

Submission should be a full time work if you desire happy home and comfort from your husband. Even the holy book says “wives should be submissive to their husbands”.

A submissive wife is a woman who meekly obedient or passive to her husband.

Below points will guide every woman on how to be submissive to their husband.

1. Be Obedient

The reason why most marriages do not last nowadays is because two masters are trying to drive only one bus. The husband is a master and the wife is also a master on her own. Who will control the family if so? A situation whereby one is not ready to tolerate the other, there will be no peace in the house. One should be able to listen to the other one. If this can not happen in the family, there will always be fighting and misunderstanding.

Some women believe that no one has auditory over them than God. Yes it’s true but God gave the control of a family to the man in the house, so he is your next God in the family. Respect him with everything you have. If your own believe is that I can’t live under the control of any man, then you should not marry, because the house will always be in the control of the man you married to. Every association or gathering must have someone to lead it, for it to function well someone must be the leader, same way a family should be leaded by the husband.

Everything in life needed someone to lead it…. God has chosen the husband to lead the family. Even if he didn’t have much to give financially or materially, you as a woman still need to give him all the respect of being a man. He deserves the respect as the head of the family. You as a woman needs to follow most of his instructions and some of his advice, don’t go out with friends he didn’t want or permit you to go out with. All your moves he need to be aware. When you want to try anything new, you need to first let him know before you start it and also things he instructed you not to do, don’t do it. You need to follow his opinions and instructions to keep peace in your home.

2. Creat time for your husband and the family.

There is no way a family will hold if you don’t give time to the family affairs and time to your husband. I don’t say you should always stay at home or be a full time house wife. Even there is nothing wrong if you be a full time house wife, if that is what your husband want do it for him. But the time I meant is that, let there be time for work and time for the family. Don’t use most times to party with friends. Any outing your husband didn’t permit you to go. You don’t need to go. Let most of your time after work be used for your family life that is why you are a mother to take care of your children teach them morally and assist them academically so that they can be better person in the nearest future.

3. Be Humble

The more you try to argue, the more mistakes you make. It’s better to say, thank you my dear husband and forget about it rather than ruminating on the same thing that has happened that you need to forget about. Trying to prove yourself right lead to more arguments, so accept your faults and let it go. Never let same mistake happen again, because he will surely refer to the previous one you did that is almost the same….. those are the reasons why most families fight unjustly for things that has no relevant meanings.

4. Stay way from excuses.

Don’t give excuses for things you know that you have mistakenly done…. No one is above mistakes… let your husband know that you are sorry, apologizes and let him know that it’s a mistake not intentional…. don’t give more excuses that are not relevant. When you don’t give excuses or drag things with him, it will make your husband believe you are submissive and calm to understand him.

5. Respect your husband and his opinions.

Respecting your husband doesn’t mean he is right or wrong, he his rich or poor. You only give him the grace as the head of your family and doing that you have also respect God in your marriage. Believe me as you respect him and his words the more submissive you look to him.

6. Don’t deny your husband of sex and prepare his food at the appropriate time.

Most men like sex. It’s parts of being submissive to him. When you allow him to have sex with you without too much begging. If he always beg you for sex, it shows that you are not a submissive house wife. Well, sometimes you might be stressed and tired. let him understand how you are feeling and give him good reasons why you can not meet up his demand at the moment.

Same way men love to have sex, it’s the same way they love food. When you prepare good food for your husband at the appropriate time, he wouldn’t even think of loving another woman than you. “The best way to wins a man heart is to feeding his stomach.” “an hungry man is also an angry man.” know what your husband loves eating and always prepare it to his taste.

In conclusion, communication does it all. Strengthen your communication level with your husband, let him find a friend, sister, mother and wife in you. Don’t nag but always tender your request in a loving ways.

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