How To Keep A Woman Who Is Already In Love With You

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God said in the Bible and I Quote “he that finds a wife, find a good thing and shall obtain favor from God” Proverbs 18:22 New King James Version (NKJV). Finding a woman to love you is the most brilliant thing a man could do in his life. Finding a woman is not just enough but keeping her to love you always means a lot.

So the question is how can you keep a woman that is already in love with you?

1. Be proud of her.

Every woman wants a man who will be proud of her and love her truly. Tell her how much you loves her, show her love in the presence of your family and friends, hold her hands on your way out, be the one to open the door for her when you are going out with a Car, sometimes pet her sleep like a baby and make her have some rest in your arms, always show her that she is the best thing you could ever have. Women loves a man who can do all these things for her.

2. Meet her needs.

I don’t mean you should do everything for her, but make sure you give her all the best she deserves. It’s not compulsory she should ask before you give, give her money and materials things even when she didn’t even ask for it, women loves a man who can do this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should go and extort or engage yourself in any forms of immoralities to save your love in a woman’s heart. NO! give her only what you have not what you don’t HAVE, but let her know it’s all you have…. A good woman will understand you and be happy when you can do all these things for her.

3. Help her do some house chores.

Don’t leave her alone/lonely in the kitchen. Mostly when she never have grown up child who can help her do the work, sit around her. Help her wash the plate when she is trying to cook the soup/food. If she is cooking vegetable, help her in cutting when she Is preparing some other things and lots more….. If you always leave her alone in the kitchen she will be bord, tired and depress in her love, so make her feel good always by staying with her when you have the time.

4. Correct her politely don’t insult her.

Sometimes she might be wrong, don’t be harsh on her she is a woman, tell her the right things to do. Don’t hit her for her mistakes. “Only a man who is not responsible hit his woman” correcting her politely will make her love you and understand you more. Be calm and gentle when you are handling a woman, that will create way for her to keep the love she has for you and be free to tell you anything she feels about you in her mind.

5. Protect her love for you

What do I mean by protecting her love? Try to be jealous, defend her when people talking shit about her, put some trust in her love and be always open to her. Please don’t be too jealous and judgemental when things go wrong. It will kill her love for you, but if you are not jealous at all she will feel you don’t mind her and she can be taking you for granted by so doing because she will believe that you wouldn’t do anything to her if you know and that can change her love for you, even she might start cheating on you as a result of that. Real love is jealous. Anyone who says he/she is not jealous at all may not really love you as they claim. Be jealous, but you need to know how to control yourself when the jealousy is getting too much.

6. Learn to do some things together

Learn to do some things together, like praying together, talk or communicate together, eat together some times exchange spoon together, think together and make sure she is aware of all your moves, go out together, swim or take your bathe together. Sleep together and play together always. The more you keep doing things together the more your love grows together.

In conclusion

Don’t cheat on anyone who truly loves you, if they get to know they will lose their interest in you and it wouldn’t be easy for them to love again. Please don’t hurt a true heart that cares.

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