How To Have A Productive New Year

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When we say we are going into new year, we should assume that we are going into a new beginning. We need to plan ahead so that we can be successful in our plans for the new year.

Mind you, planning ahead doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have some areas you will fail. It’s normal to fail in some areas… If you don’t fail you can’t learn how to grow and you wouldn’t know the usefulness of success you have made .

But your failure can turn to success if you have good plans and you put God first in all your plans.

1. Make a new plan

“He who failed to plan, plan to fail.” there is nothing you can do successfully in life if you don’t plan well for it. When you make your plans solid there will be a high tendency to succeed.

2. Pray

You need to pray towards all your plans in the new year. Commit everything in God’s hands. You need to pray for forgiveness and protections for all that you do. God is the only one that can make successful and survive when there is adversities in the year. “put God first in everything and he will put you first”.

3. Take a new step

Taking steps means, you can’t sit at a spot and be expecting blessings from God, it’s not possible. It’s what you sow you can reap. what you don’t work for don’t expect to gain it….. Take some steps towards achieving something new. That is, try your own best always.

4. Go after your goal

  • What is your goal?
  • How can you go after your goal?

Go after your goal…. A goal is what you wish to become, your career job. when you follow things from your own mind not what others are doing that is paying them. Theirs might not pay for you. What you have in dreams to achieve is your own goal. you might wish to be a comedian, writer or motivational speakers, anything you wish to become is your own goal. Make sure it’s what you can do easily from your own sane mind. Your own God’s given talent, don’t just do because you feel it’s the selling job or what is trending. Do it because you feel it’s easy for you when you are doing it and it’s what you have passion for. Mind me, sometimes your career work might be your bank job or civil servant work. They are parts of careers…….. To be a Nurse, Doctor, Lawyer Engineer, Architect and lots more all this are careers…… Just know that you are doing your job with passion always. You can be successful doing anything. It’s a matter of believing in yourself and things you do. With prayers you will achieve all that you dreamt to become. Don’t give up it’s a matter of time give it time.

5. Make good friends

Friends have so many important roles to play in your life. The kinds of friends you keep determines what you will becomes. Sometimes, friends can either lift you up or bring you down. It’s depending on the kinds you keep… So make sure your friends are set of Army’s who always force you to be the best of yourself. A friend who fails to impact you positively…. It’s best to discharge them to give spaces for those that will impact you positively.

6. Have strong believe in yourself and endure even the worst pains

“Life is based on believe” if you are in this world and you don’t believe you can make it. Then you wouldn’t! Be positive all the time. Believe you can, then you will! It’s what you believe you becomes.

Endurance matters a lot in life. Who can’t endure the worst pains can’t achieve anything in life. Success sometimes it’s after you fail you can succeed. So if your road is not rough you can’t have a smooth ending. Prepare for the worse.

7. Let go of your past

When you don’t stop thinking about things you lost in the past you can’t move forward. You first need to forget your lost and built on what you have left. Try to keep moving no matter the challenges you have faced.

8. Forgive the worse

If you don’t learn to forgive those that offend you or hurt you. You can’t keep friends or good people around, because no matter how close or good friends are to you….. there will be sometimes you will have misunderstandings. Learn to settle things amicably.

God can not forgive you if you don’t forgive others like you. If you are praying for forgiveness and you want your prayers to be answered. You first need to forgive those who offended you. When you forgive you will progress…. Because to progress you need a free mind.

9. Let it new

Let all your plans and strategies to survive be new. Let it be from a new beginning and stop building on a weak foundation. Start well and make it new. Pray and work towards achieving it better than last year and be positive to a productive ending.

10. Take note of your previous years mistakes

Take note of things you do that leads to your failure in the past years. Never try them again and guide again them. “Every mistakes happens to make you better”. Don’t run for mistakes it’s also parts of success but don’t let it keep repeating itself… Don’t make same mistakes every year it’s not good.

11. Sow more good seeds in people’s lives

Give to needy. Encourage people to be better. just make sure you are impacting people’s lives positively yearly. The more you try to help people’s lives the more you find favours from God. “givers never lack, beggars always ask. ” “Give and it shall be given unto you in abundance and running over” Bible says.

12. Have Mentors.

Let some people motivate you towards achieving your goal… But still you don’t have to follow their footsteps verbatim because you don’t have the same destiny and you are not created for the same purpose so be yourself but use some of their strong quotes to be build yourself up towards achieving your aims and objectives in life.

13. Take records

You need to keep some records of your good times and the bad moments. This will motivate others coming before you and that will make you understand perfectly where you are wrong and what you need to adjust in the new beginning.

14. Finally think deep and always give more thanks to God

The more you give God thanks and praises the more your life change for good. Sing songs of praises to him and as you are showing your appreciations the more you find favour in God. Solomon always give thanks to God with songs of praises and till date Solomon is still the wisest King.

In conclusion

Do the right business and let what you do be what you can do easily.

Have a productive new year ahead.

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