How to Deal With Ex Or Past Who Is Not Willing To Let Go Of You

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It’s common, many of us use to say that I have dated him/her two years ago, we broke up because he/she is cheating on me or any other kinds of excuses we commonly give for our breakups and some do say I don’t even break up with him/her we willingly walk out of the relationship or distance broke us up…. Whichever way it’s, anyone that you are not dating presently is your past or your ex. So how can you deal with your ex or past relationship? read more to it in the article below

First of all let’s look into reasons why ex or past relationship comes back begging for us.

  • He or she might not find better person than you.

After you broke up they might go into relationships but they couldn’t secure better person like you. So their coming back for you will be their only hope to be fine. In the view of this they might wish to get you with all means.

  • Sometimes they might notice that you have changed from the ways they use to know you with.

That is; they notice that you are getting more better, attractive and beautiful than the way they left you… You might have get some changes in your look or physical appearance that makes you look more attractive and beautiful… Reason like this get some guys crazy a lot for you because they will still want to enjoy their selves by sleeping with you some more…. Guys don’t quit relationship easily because they will still want to have some more nice time with you.

This above are the main reasons ex comes back for you.

But all this doesn’t guarantee that they still love you… They don’t! it’s just that they still want to satisfy their body with yours.

10 ways to deal with ex who can’t let go.

1. Don’t be too comfortable in his/her presence.
When you are around or very close to your ex. Don’t be too friendly with him/her.. Allow them to understand you are not feeling too comfortable in their presence.

2. Don’t give them time.
Don’t give ex the time to express their feelings to you anymore. Given them your time will make them feel like you still value them and that will give them the chance to keep disturbing you more.

3. Cut or limit your interactions with them on medias.
It’s immature to block them from talking with you on social media. All you need to do is limit your replies to their chats and reply them with a straight forward languages. No use of dear, love or honey to address them anymore. simple words not in a romantic way make them feel you don’t want them anymore. Addressing them in a romantic way allows them to think like you still have interest in them.

4. Don’t have private conversation with them.
When you are not dating someone again. Staying what them in a private place is not advisable. This can give room for any unwanted thing you are into in the past and you don’t want it happen again… Make sure you are with them only when people is around.

5. Don’t club or go out with them again.
When you are not dating someone again. Clubbing or going out with him/her is like you still want some more of what you are use to do in the past. They feelings can still come back an affect your present relationship. The best is to cut connections like this if you really don’t want the person anymore.

6. Let your present date and friends to know them as your ex and give them reasons to be sure of that.
Explain to your partner why you broke up with your ex. Make sure everything you tell him/her about your past is nothing but the truth. Let your old friends knows that you are not dating or have anything doing with them again.

7. Don’t be rude to your ex, give them polite insult.
Ex can still invite you to his/her place don’t be rude to him/her simply tell him/her I will be busy during that time. If they ask you to give your own free them. Tell them no need if he/she ask you the reason why you said no need. Tell him/her there’s nothing, you just don’t feel like going out.

8. Put a stop to whatever they are offering you in the past.
Stop accepting gift for no reasons from your ex. But it’s mature of you to collect the gift he/she offers you on a special day like birthday and lots more. But if he/she is offering you money, cloth or other gift for no reason when you are not dating him/her anymore is a very bad idea to collect such gift. It’s best for you to reject immediately because collecting things like this will make them feel like you are still interested.

9. Limit picking of calls and replying to the text messages from ex.
The calls from ex is not what you need to pick always, text replies must be once in a while and reply with direct words. No romantic responses.

10. Show you ex that you are into a new relationship.
When your ex’s don’t know that you are into a new relationship they keep on disturbing you more because they will believe you are free. But the moment they noticed that you are into a new relationship their disturbs with you might be limited.

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