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Some ladies are so funny; a guy proposed and you accepted, he wanted sex but you made it clear to him you were not a fan of sex before marriage. The said guy stopped calling you, doesn’t answer your call and you the lady get hurt. What kind of joke is that? Are you serious in life? Do you know what exactly you want? Or you are just pretending?

There are millions of men in this world; the good and the bad. Only one person is enough for you as a husband. To be able to get the right man, your man, a man customized for you who will meet your needs, you need to set standards.

A requirement to check who qualifies and who does not. Truth be told, many young ladies are not wise enough to do that, they date recklessly and aimlessly, accept any proposal and at the end of the day, they end up disappointed and frustrated.

You are too special for everyone to have a bite. To be sure you will end up with the right person; you first have to be honest with the people who approach you in the name of dating, love or marriage. Anyone who wants to be in your life has to know who you are, what you want and how you want to be treated.

If you are a Christian, let them know you are and that you can’t put up with a partner who does not belong to your faith. If you don’t want sex before marriage, be bold enough to let any man who approaches you know.

If you don’t want to marry an educated man, let any man who comes your way know that, it does not matter how rich or successful they are in their vocation or business, you need to let him know what you want.

You should not be afraid of losing people or scaring people off. Many men can give you attention but just one person who is the right solution to your question of who a right life partner is. Look for solution not attention.

Setting standards will help you filter, scare off the fake and pretenders. These people are not meant for you and their departure should indicate that you are making progress, getting closer to the right person.

You should always remember God has given you the power to manage your life effectively; you have the right to get rid of people who are not right for you and keep those who are right for you. Exercise that power wisely and with the fear of God.

If you refuse to set standards for your life, you allow others to define you because of your relationship with them and because of the time and attention you give them or they give you. Make sure the right person passes your standards before you give them front seat in your life as a partner.

The only time you can love your partner without fear, trust him without questioning, want him without restrictions, accept him without trying to change him, need him without demanding is when you set standards and he passes them. You then have the privilege to love him for who he is. For he is the right person.

In conclusion, don’t marry anyone who does not meet your standards

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