Adesewa The Church Girl (Episode 14)

Written by Lovelife
So, you see my dear, there’s nobody without a past, but it doesn’t matter how ugly your past is, a bright future awaits you if you are in Christ Jesus.. said Mrs Williams.
Now, to your situation. She continued.. We must find a means by which your parents would hear about it, and then we take it up from there.Let me talk to my husband about it, as I can’t handle that alone, then I’ll get back to u.
When she left, I started thinking.. I was so blessed and encouraged by her testimony, at least to learn that someone with such an ugly past could turn out to be a pastor with the motherly love and gesture is so amazing. Her words made me to develop a kind of courage and inner confidence coupled with faith in God who made a way for her is still there to make a way for me too.
Again, I remembered my dad!.
I sighed. Next weekend, he would be marking his 60th birthday, and expected me to be there. How would I do it Lord?.
Later in the evening, Mrs Williams came to me and said “I’m sorry, I had to discuss your case with my husband, it’s not my usual way of handling matters, but in a situation like this, he just has to be involved. Like I told you earlier, I can’t handle it alone
.”“No problem ma”, I said.
“Now, we have decided to go with you to Lagos to attend your dad’s birthday, and thereby use the opportunity to break the news to him and other members of the family.
I could hear my heart beating very fast, in fact, I almost fainted.
“When exactly is the birthday?” she asked.

“It’s Friday ma”. I answered.
“Oh!. I thought its Saturday.
“the birthday falls on Friday, and he doesn’t want to shift it to Saturday, since there is a public holiday that Friday”. I said. “That is beautiful then, we’ll leave on Friday morning, Grace the occasion with him and break the news later in the evening when all the guests have left.”

And, that was just what we did.
My dad and everybody was shocked!.
“Adesewa Temi?.. No it’s a lie!. How can I believe this?. How come?. How did it happen?. Where would I hide my face in the church? Among my christian friends?. What will I tell my pastor?.Ahhhh Yetunde!. I never expected this from you. OH my God!!.”
My mum was just weeping.
My sisters and I were weeping too.
Later, my dad said “Go with your pastor o, I don’t want to see you, you have put me to shame. I don’t want to set my eyes on you”.
We all knelt down and started begging him with tears flowing in our eyes, but he declined.
He was too hurt. I knew why it was so painful for him. He was so proud of me, always treating me as his only daughter.
At a time, Pastor Williams excused him to his room, where they spoke for about an hour.
Pastor Mrs also took my mum to the corridor for a private talk.By the time they came back, my dad was a bit calm, but I could see he was still boiling.
The next day, I left with the Williams to Oyan.
My dad never called since then, it was only mummy that was calling me from time to time to ask about my welfare and to encourage me. I never knew she was that loving.
I was staying with my pastor and his family as Mrs Williams didn’t allow me to go back to my house. When we came back from Lagos, Mrs Williams said “Now call Bode, tell him to come home and see you and that you are not going to terminate the pregnancy, let’s hear what he will have to say.”
What was his response?.
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