My First Love [ Episode Thirteen ]

Written by Lovelife

I need to continue with my studies, The plan to go back to England has never change and for me to secure a better and standard future for my child I have to go back to England as early as possible.

Few weeks after the naming ceremony, I have to book another flight back to England, for me to continue with my life there.

Getting back to England, first thing I did is to put in for Admission into Oxford University. surprisingly, I was picked and giving the course of my own choice Nursing…. To be a Nurse is what I have been dreaming since I was a child. But now is the time to achieve the dream of mind. I have planned to be one of the best in my class despite am still nursing my little baby. I never let that weight me down I just try to manage academic life with been a nursing mother, since it’s in me to nurse and cares for the young ones. The paramount thing to me is how I will always give my son the best.

My first year in school wasn’t very easy, despite Honorable Lafeunwa never let me lack anything. My parent too are doing the little they can for me. But it’s because of the baby am nursing. I find it difficult to do some things socially, I don’t go out or mix with anyone. But I know it wouldn’t speak well of me if I don’t allow doctor Shola to know am back in England. I have to give him a call to the number he gave me to call while I was about leaving England then. He is so happy to hear from me again and for the fact am back in England again he promised to pay me a visit anytime that is convenient for me and he too is free at work.

This is how I got connected to doctor Shola again. The one who helped me in my first stay in England.
Now that he has my number, most time he called to check on me and the baby, and I felt he is so anxious too to see the baby again. Well, I too use to miss him sometimes, so I called too check on him. But we haven’t fix any date to meet due to tight schedules we both use to have.

The more he calls the more we get attracted to each other. Most time I wait for his late night calls, but I never let this affect me academically because I always give my best to be among the best in the class. My good performance in class makes my Friends give me the nickname “the sharp African girl”

Doctor Shola use to ask me how I cope with classwork and the baby. I use to tell him and he is always happy to hear most things I say.
This is how things keep going till we have semester break in school, Doctor Shola and I have fix a date meet during my semester break that my son will clock a year….. My self couldn’t walk to see him again.

What happened when we met again at my son’s birthday. Read more tomorrow morning.
Moral lesson
Love don’t grow in a distance it’s what you get attracted to and get attention from you call fall in love with. Don’t give love a distance keep it close.

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