My First Love [ Episode Nine ]

Written by Lovelife

It was a very beautiful Monday morning, the weather is so cool this day. It is really looking Different to us, as if it our first time to see a new day. Dad who had a sleepless night, “not because anyone is on a sick bed or not healthy among the family, but everyone in our house is full of joy including the Rat inside the cupboard of our kitchen. I am ure even the worms inside our stomach will rejoice with us that day, “no doubt”.

Dad who has woken up around 5 O. clock testing different cloths, asking Mom to know the one that fit him most to meet Lafeunwa in his office. After checking and testing again and again, he finally got one which Mom persuaded him to wear to his office. It’s a very nice Purple and White polo shirt and a black Trouser which makes him look so smart and adorable, he was also putting on a black face cap. You really need to see how cute and smart Dad Is looking today. He is looking like a guy of under 20, who is ready to participate in an Olympic competition.

When it was exactly 9 O, clock, Dad is already by the gate of Lafeunwa’s office. He quickly approach the receptionist with the card given to him the last time Lafeunwa pay us a visit. You can sit down sir the receptionist said to my Dad, let me give him a call maybe he is not busy at this moment, which the receptionist did immediately and ask my Dad to go into his office. Getting to his office, My honorable sir. My Dad said to Lafeunwa in his greetings to him. Lafeunwa replied. Sir, you don’t have to call me that anymore we are now in-laws, please sit down and feel free to call me your in-law.

I have even prepared the cheque of 30 million Naira for you like I have promised to set you up to become a big business man of any business of your choice and always feel free to ask me for anything if there are more places you need my help I will surely be there for you Lafeunwa gave my Dad his promises after giving him the cheque.

Dad who couldn’t say anything, he was overwhelmed when he suddenly jumped up and bust into tears of joy again. Oh! No, sir you don’t need all that, be a man. He also gave my Dad a cash of 50 thousand naira also for his transport back home. My Dad didn’t even know what more to say than thank you may God bless you, he kept on saying, until he left his office that day, coming back home with all gregarious heart and at the same time I am sure Dad will be thinking his next line of actions of kind of business to go into. We have all been sitting on a round table, waiting silently for Dad to come in and tell us the latest gist from Honorable Lafeunwa’s office, immediately We had a sound of a Motocycle stopping at the entrance of the door. We have all focused all our attentions to the living room door where Dad will pass inside where we have already seated waiting for him to give us gist. Dad who also rush in just to give us the latest good news from Lafeunwa’s office. He was even approaching us with the joy written all over his face… Giving to Mom the cheque he took from honorable Lafeunwa’s office. Mom who couldn’t help him self than to also jumped up and shouting hallelujah at the end our lives will change from poor to rich, thank you my daughter for bringing wealth into our family and changing our story. Now we can live large and buy what ever we want without asking anyone for help anymore. thank you my mom saying to me over and over again…. but I was busy looking into her eyes like a dullard because I don’t even know what to say.

What kind of business are we going into? Or are we going to relocate to another country? What happened nex?

Read our next episode tomorrow. thanks for following up the story.


Always hope for the best. “No condition is PERMANENT“.

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