Yes You Can!

Written by Lovelife

Take that step for the thousand miles journey of accomplishments
I have never heard of any great accomplishment that did not started with a step. For a seed to prove its potency it must first go into the ground.

I have never heard of a sportsman winning a gold medal without taking a step.
Many at times we tend to debate more than the action required to turn our dreams into reality.

Never can you move your two leg at a go which means taking a step forward towards your dreams is key.

The phobia to make a mistake have cemented many dreams but in our mistakes lie opportunity to know what we were ignorant off. How will you know your best strength lies in you left or right feet/leg or may be you are ambidextrous.

All stories are not the same no matter how similar it appears because our DNA uniqueness pertain to us alone. Where others failed at, some succeeded so take the first step towards your dreams. If you make a mistake, its still a valuable lesson away from the stagnation.

But who says all who accomplished greatness never got it wrong many times but the lesson they learnt was powerful in leaping them forward than the tragedy.
Have you noticed that, in essence when you take the first step, your second step follows suite? When this is done it creates a shift forward away from the initial point of stagnation.

The energy you will use to lament why me, what is wrong etc must be channeled into taking the first step. You have lamented and prayed enough, the time to challenge your status quo is now and it all begins with A Step.

You must learn the failure and challenges with crawling then to standing, wobbly steps, to walking then running. This is how life evolves.

First step of faith is mightier and miraculous than a 40 day prayer and fasting without action.

Wipe your tears, lift your heard up and take that bold step into your liberation and greatness.

We are all pregnant with greatness but we need to push to birth it out. Don’t kill your dreams with the pain associated with pushing during labour.

I urge you to take that single first step towards your dreams, yes you can.

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