How to love a jealous man.

Written by Lovelife

1. Give him reassurance that he is the only one for you. Make him feel that you will stick to him no matter how tough the journey is.

2. Stay away from those guys who wanted to be just “friends” with you. He is a man himself. He surely knows their real intentions.

3. Please understand why he becomes borderline possessive sometimes. He does not want to lose you. He cares so much for you.

4. Give him the attention that he deserves. Communicate with him. Make efforts for him too.

5. Do not take him for granted. Appreciate everything that he has done for you. Make him feel that his efforts are valued.

6. Tell him that he is on the right track. Address his worries. Address his insecurities.

7. Give him compliments. Tell him how
amazing he is. Tell him how important he is for you.

8. Do not give him reasons to doubt you. Be open with him. Be transparent. Just be honest with him.

9. Be loyal to him. Be faithful to him.

10. Be patient with him. He is trying his best not be overly jealous. He is really doing his best to deal things maturely. He is really doing his best for you.

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